Question for mums!

Hi ladies, I hope you don't mind me G/C from ttc.

I want to get a really good, informative pregancy book that explains the different stages (preferably with easy to understand diagrams!).

Can you recommend any good books? What did you find most helpful?

Any that were a waste of time so to avoid?

Your help much appreciated image


  • I had the baby centre one and loved it as it had week by week what was happening...I would read the week that I was on over and over again!!!

    I do hear that 'what to expect when you are expecting' is a classic though!!! xxx

    If you want my baby centre book just gimme your address and I'll post it to you, it's only gathering dust under my coffee table xxx
  • Hello, I'm not a mum yet but would really recommend 'What to expect when you're expecting' - its really informative and tells you what's happening each week/month of pregnancy. It also has a TTC section.

    I got it half price on Amazon compared to Waterstones price. xx
  • I had Your Pregnancy Bible which I really liked.
  • "What to expect.." is brilliant.

    The Netmums one is mince.

  • Hi ladies, just want to say thank you for your advice.

    littlelynsuk - thank you so much for your kind offer. DH would kill me for giving out my address but just wanted to say how much I appreciated the offer X
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