OMG he just rolled!!!

Pointless post really but I'm soooo excited and shocked. DS2 is 6 weeks and 4 days old and was just laid on the bathroom floor while I was bathing DS1, he was fascinated with the spotlights on the ceiling and was the quietists he's been for days just laid there looking at them and having 'bare bum time' and kicking his little chubby legs, and as I was sat looking at him he rolled on to his left hand side!!! Can't believe it, I don't recall at what age DS1 did that but I'm sure it was older than 6 weeks!



  • Hi just wanted to woo hoo your lo!! That's very young to do that (I think!!) My dd is 6 & 1/2 months, weeks ago she rolled 5 times then the other rolled twice but that's it! Think she thinks it's not that big a deal lol.
  • Thanks hun. Woo hoo to your dd as well. Isn't it weird how we get such pleasure from them doing such small things? I picked ds up and gave him lots of kisses and loads of fuss. He looked at me as though I was a mad woman, lol. I was hoping he would do it again but he didn't, I think it was just pure luck that he managed it once tbh.

  • wow well done LO! Thats is very young to be doing it! xxx
  • Wowzers! What a clever little boy! x
  • Thank you ladies. He is very strong considering he's so tiny. I'm hoping he does it again, and he does keep getting close, but I'm betting it was a one off for a while.

  • double post!! image
  • Ahhh well done to your clever little man!!

    My ds2 is 17+1 and has made no attempt to roll anywhere!! lol :lol:

    Here's hoping your LO does it again!! image xx
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