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I need your help. I've struggled for 6 & bit months with my free Mamas and Papas change bag and I can't anymore. I'm fed up with hubby digging around in it looking for something! So I need something spacious, with lots of compartments. My dd is a sicky baby so I take lots of muslins, change of clothes, as well as the usual. Any suggestions please? I dont want anything too girly!


  • Hi thanks. I'm looking for a more plain looking bag, not that I'm fussy!!
  • Not very plain but a bloody great bag...samsonite cherry blossom slouch bag! I love it! x
  • I have just ordered a pink lining messenger bag 50% off in the sale.

    can't wait for it to arrive
  • I have a black bababing changing bag which we got because my hubby wanted something black so he could carry it too. It's really spacious and I usually carry everything in it; 6 nappies, bottles, cartons of milk, couple of changes of clothes etc. It's got a really big, padded changing mat included which velcro's onto it and lots of handy little pockets.

    You can get it from JL here:

    But I'm sure if you looked around you could find it a bit cheaper. xx
  • I just ordered a half price one from pink lining too and I lovd it lots of room and loads of pockets best of all hubby no longer moans he cant find stuff. Delivery wasnt free though and was very slow x
  • I got a Pink Lining one in the sale too - it's gorgeous!

    Socks is right though, the delivery was very slow, but the bag is very spacious and worth the wait.

    Here's the link to their sale page:-

    Tracy x
  • I have just bought change bag from the Boden spring range and its great, lots of pockets and really spacious - my favourite so far and I have been through quite a few!

    Lin and Leo make really good change bags too - worth a look for more discreet colours and patterns

    Happy Shopping!


    This is what I have, I got 10 % off it too, it clips to the pushchair and has a parent pocket, messy bag, bottle pockets, one lage poket inside the large compartment & two smaller pokets in the main compartment it, lifetime guarantee too. They do smaller ones too, this is perfect for me though as I go put all day sometimes.

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