A bit of advice please

Also in ttc after mc/eptopic

A good friend of mine found out recently she was 6 weeks pregnant, 2 days later she started to cramp and stain,went to hospital with levels of over 800 a few days later these dropped to about 770 then 725 then 645 and so on, she had bloods that were 327 and then yesterday they went up to 345.

She is very very confused as every time she goes to the hospital she sees different people and they are telling her different things, in fact the nurse today said 'the doctor has said to give you the injection (dont know the name) but I'm going to wait until the gynae consiltant comes in tomorrow and leave a note with him.

She has also had mention of a laparoscopy and another lascoco... different to the one above, again I'm not great with the names. She has had scans too, the first 2 showed her womb was 'ready for pregnancy, the 2nd was 'clear' she has had very bad cramping and bleeding but not heavy enough to saturate a pad.

She has to go back in tomorrow and I was wondering if any of you have any help or advice that I could pass to her as she is dealing with so much never mind the lack of information.

Thanks girls I'm just lost and want to do as much for her as I can x

Thank you x


  • Hiya hun,

    It sounds like an ectopic pregnancy (when te embryo implants outside of the uterus) the main symptoms are usually pain and sometimes spotting with a positive pregancy test, you'd expect a scan to show no pregnancy sac within the uterus (it can sometimes be seen elsewhere). bHCG (the blood test) levels will usually show slight rises, or falls. Usually the treatment options are to do nothing (only if she's clinically well), and see if the pregnancy ends naturally,
  • ah cheers mrs should have said yes she thinks it is pro eptopic but wasn't sure as levels have risen and what they will do about it. do they check your tubes or anything to make sure everything is ok?
  • Bloody new be, only sent half my post.

    Or they perform laparoscopy to have a look and sometimes (my brain is not performing well) a laparotomy to remove the pregnancy if they find it in the wrong place. Or they give an injection of methotrexate (that can only be administered) by a dr) to end the pregnancy.

    Sorry to hear your poor friends going through this, if I was her I'd definitely ask for more info before she let's them go ahead with anything, it doesn't sound like they've explained things well. And if I'm revering rightly there's a period they have to wait before ttc again after methotrexate (3 or 6 months rings a bell) xx
  • U R Fab mrs thank you so much you have been so helpful xx
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