Mightily help!

Hi girls, looking for some advice!

Eve is currently waking about 10 times a night because she looses her dummy, as a result she's not getting a lot of sleep so was wondering if it might be an idea to wean her off the dummy, or do you think there is an alternative way to try an help her slepp through a little more?

If it is about weaning her off dummy how do you go about it?




  • Hi hun,

    I'm not sure about weaning off the dummy and how to do it. But when my dd was about 5 months (i think) she kept losing her dummy and knocking it out of her cot! So i got her a Sleepytot teddy: http://www.sleepytot.com/

    You can velcro the dummies onto the paws and once she got used to the teddy and the idea that her dummy was attached, we didn't have to do any dummy runs - excepts if she lies on top of the teddy and can't find it! lol.

    Just an alternative if it is hard to wean her off the dummy xxx
  • Swaddle her arms with a thin sheet so she can't knock it out. My two used to wake LOADS due to dummy loss and wake in the mornong grumpy because they were still very tired. Now one NEVER wakes and the other wakes 1-2 times. It worked from the first time we did it. We have much happier boys in the morning!

  • Hey you. Like the other girls' ideas - wish I'd have seen those a few months ago. We weaned LO off of hers when she was about 5 and a half months. Just went cold turkey. She was miserable for a day or two but nowhere near the drama I thought we'd have! x
  • My girly is exactely the same age as your girly (they share a birthday... awwww) and we had this problem a few weeks ago. To be honest we were a bit mean... and though we had a couple of stressful days it was fine after 2 or 3 nights!

    She still has her dummy but if and when it falls out at night we just don't give it back! we sush and pat and go to her when she cries but we never give the dummy back at night, though we do if its a nap time.

    it worked for us as i don't want to get rid of it yet!
  • I have exactly the same problem. I have tried swaddling and one of those teddy bears with the dummy attached and neither works for him. I think I'm going to have to give up the dummy but I feel so mean and it really helps him with teething. Ho hum more sleeplessness for me!
  • wish I'd known about those teddies when my lo was younger!! I was too much of a woos to do cold turkey too early on so I combatted by taking SIL advice.....

    My ds went to bed with on average 4 dummies!! so if he lost one he could always find another in the cot but he was probably a little older when this problem started so he was able to grope around and find them

  • That's interesting MrsB27, I might give that a try - sorry no help but I posted something similar a month or so ago (if you can find it in my other topics), but then dd got a lot better, so I've not braved taking the dummy off her yet! She'll have a bad few days, then I think 'if it's still like this by the weekend, the dummy goes' - and she somehow is sleeping better by the weekend.

    I had in my mind though to stop the dummy at 6 months, and that was last week - not attempted to stop it yet though! She gets really cross when she's tired though (like her mummy!) and the dummy often instantly settles her, she hates being cuddled to sleep, but I do worry she's too dependent on the dummy.
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