MAM bottles... am I being dumb??

I have recently invested in the MAM starter pack for ds2.

They are the ones that individually sterilise and are anti-colic.

Very simple question as I have mis-laid the booklet... do you put the plastic round translucent "thing" on top of the white round "thing" that plugs the holes?

OH didn't insert it properly and I was convinced it would leak but it didn't so I'm wondering what that round bit actually does?! image


  • Yeah hun the soft plastic ring goes inside the bottom of the bottle with the holes in, and they don't leak, lol. If you put them in water to cool or warm you need to give them a good shake when you take them out as they get water in which drips out while feeding.

  • Thats the white ring isn't it?

    What does the plastic round piece do? It is like a frosty plastic - not clear, but not block colour...

    It sorts of pops under the hooks of the ring, but it doesn't stop leakking cos the white ring does that? xx
  • Mine have a blue base which comes of and inside of that is a White soft plastic ring that sits inside then the bottle just screws on place hun, I don't have any other rings, only the teat and the bit the teat goes into. I think the plastic round piece might be like a lid that you can put in place of the teat if you have made the bottle up and not using it yet or going out and taking it with you? I'm not sure hun cos I just bought the bottles seperately so not sure what comes in the starter pack.

  • Just looked on website and it does come with some Sealing Disks, could that be what you mean?

  • Yes... sealing disk!!! haha!!

    I will have a look and see if I actually need them!! Thanks chick!! xx
  • No worries hun. I think they're possibly for when making a feed instead of having the teat on, then swap for the teat when the bottle is made up? Not entirely sure as I've never used them.

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