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I am trying to write my Application for flexible working but am struggling with impact on business and how to minimise - I work in a bank as a Banking Advisor and plan to only drop 1 day, I am also asking to be demoted to Teller and would perhaps mention this as a way of minimising impact to business as I wont have to leave account opening files etc wating for my next day in so no-one should be left with any of my work to deal with.

Does anyone else work in banking / retail and have any good ideas?

Also I may not be returned to the same branch but one within 22 miles of my home but this would take i 2 or 3 branches I would find difficult to get to as we dont use the car for business use and it would also make childcare harder as I'd have to drop DD of earlier and pick her up later. Do I have ny rights around this? Also would having PND give me additional rights as I am currently on medication for PND


  • hi there, I can't help with any ideas for your flexible working as mine were totally okay with this as its office based and didn't impact on business but I did return with post natal depression and couldn't cope very well. I don't know what your legal rights were but my work were great as i'd only been back 2 months and they asked me to take more time off as they could see how bad I was, but I couldn't afford to not be at work so they allowed me to take another 2 months off using holiday i'd accrued during the year and the rest as compassionate leave.

    You could try contacting Acas I'm sure they will tell you any rights you have

    good luck
  • I've now written my letter does this read ok?

    I would like to apply under section 80F of the Employment Rights Act 1996 to work a flexible working pattern that is different to my current working pattern because:

    ??????? I have parental responsibility for the upbringing of a child aged up to and including 16

    I am making this request to help me care for the child.

    I can confirm that I have worked continuously as an employee of the company for the last 26 weeks. I have not made a request to work flexibly during the past 12 months.

    I have never made a request to work flexibly.

    My current working pattern is Monday to Friday 9-5 with Saturday work on rotation.

    I would like to start working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9-5. I am willing to work an occasional Saturday as I understand that this is essential to business needs but would like to keep this to a maximum of one per calendar month to allow me to spend sufficient quality time with my family.

    I would like this working pattern to start from 06/07/2011

    I think that this change to my working pattern would give me a good work/home balance. This pattern will mean that I am able to give my child an established routine allowing her to settle into her day care. Having a stable working pattern coupled with a stable home life would result in me being less stressed & generally happier in my home life, this can only have a positive effect on my performance in work.

    In order to minimise the impact on colleagues and the business I am willing to consider a CSO position, this would reduce the likelihood of having to leave work with colleagues or having to wait to complete files.

    At present I am on prescribed medication for Post Natal Depression I would therefore request that this matter be dealt with as quickly as possible as not having childcare organised for my daughter has been contributing to my feelings of anxiety and depression. Without having an agreement in place for my working hours I am unable to book any childcare place for Aila. I would also ask that I be placed in one of the 3 Dundee branches on return to work as being posted out with Dundee would result in me being further for my daughters nursery or childminder and also incur additional travel costs, these could both have the potential of worsening my depression.
  • Not sure if you seen my reply in BIJ but that sounds fab Hun. Really professional and I can't see why they would oppose?

    You have covered all points and even gave them solutions. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Mine was officially submitted yesterday! X
  • Thanks Niene, might redo the last sentence a wee bit. My manager is a bit of a twat - both times I've seen him in work whilst on maternity he;'s ignored me and even once when I saw him in town one day he just walked past! He seems to have a problem with maternity leave and babies in general not sure he'll be very understanding ofPND
  • Well he needs to be very careful as after speaking to my Line manager she has been told of all the regulations in regards to women coming back after maternity leave and she said it's very in favour of the mum and that she is not even allowed to ask in conversation when I'm coming back as it's seen as pressurising me! He sounds like an idiot! Fingers crossed for you though, regardless if his opinion you HR department will know what your allowed.

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