Mothercare Aquapod - mind yer fingers!

I managed to crush my finger in our Aquapod last night so I thought I would warn you all! It was in the slot under the back rest - the mat had come out and got crunched up and jammed when I tried to put it back in so I tried to tuck it in with my fingers. Didn't think the gap was big enough to get a finger in but the base flexed under pressure, let my finger in then flexed back and trapped it! It was bloody painful, made it bleed from the nail bed and it's still that horrid combo of painful and numb, I can't use it so my typing is well shonky today!

So, if you have an Aquapod keep your fingers well away from that slot! I have emailed mothercare, god knows if they will bother to respond.


  • Oh no!! That sounds awful!!!

    I was looking at them last night online... eek! I am really clumbsy with things like that - so steering clear.

    Hope your fingers gets better soon. Is it all bruised and nasty now? Ice water helps brings bruises out faster. xx
  • In all honesty, I'd still say to buy it! As long as you know not to stick your fingers near the slot and hold the mat and feed it in instead - I suggested that maybe they add this warning to their instructions! It's a brilliant thing, DS loves it.

    Iced it last night, it's sort of purple/red and a bit swollen now.
  • I have got one of these from when Neve was a baby, I am already one handed after an over excited Christmas game of air hockey (I was winning!) resulted in my ripping my thumb nail half way off so will be very careful!

  • Aw bless, they just rang and they are passing the details on to their technicians to have a look at it. They're also sending me some gift vouchers!
  • ouch! glad you're getting some compensation. Aila loves her aquapod its made bathtimes happy again
  • ouch! Glad they took a bit of notice!
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