Getting rid of the dummy

Well I think I've run out of excuses now, I was going to do it at 6 months, then Sophie was teething, then ill etc etc and here we are two months down the line so I think I need to bite the bullet.....

Did you go cold turkey, or do it gradually? And how did you do it? She only has it for naps and at bedtime, so I don't need to worry about the day time at least. And did you notice that nightime sleep improved?


  • We just went cold turkey. Had a miserable couple of days but nowhere near what I'd anticipated. Her night time sleeping did improve (although I overhauled our daytime routine and did some sleep training all at the same time so I'm not sure to what extent the dummy was responsible - jeez, that was a fun week :roll: ). My only regret is that I didn't somehow try and keep it for naps. We fly twice a month and there are times when she desperately wants to go to sleep on the plane but can't settle. I have tried giving her one on a couple of those occassions and she, literally, doesn't know what to do with it. Good luck x
  • We went cold turkey at 6 months. It was tough as she really didn't seem to be able to settle herself without it - but she did eventually and it only took a couple of days of whinging at bed/nap times - now (a month later) she goes to sleep perfectly fine on her own. I did think about keeping it for daytime naps but I didn't want to confuse her. I'm sure she has now forgotten that she ever had a dummy! Night sleeping has drastically improved - we've gone from getting up several times a night to pop the dummy back in and resettle her to her sleeping from 7pm to 6-7am. Hoorah! Good luck! x
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