Infant Gaviscon

Hiya just a quick question for anyone whose LO is or has been on Gaviscon for Reflux. If LO has been on it for a while and is due to stop should it be reduced gradually or just stopped?

The reason i am asking is that i'm sure i have read somewhere that it should be reduced gradually but can't find where i read it, a friend of mine has been told by her Dr to just stop it and since her LO has started vomiting again.


  • I just stopped it with one of my little ones and it was fine. My sister halved the dose (she was on double anyway) then stopped.

  • I just stopped it, if you're worried put it in alternate bottles, then reduce further. xx
  • I just stopped it but DD is still on Ranitidine so maybe that's helped? I stopped it once she was weaning for a couple of weeks and I think the solids have had a similar effect in terms of keeping stuff in her tum xx
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