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Can anyone recommend a good travel cot? Considering the mamas and papas classic travel cot but also am not really sure what I should be looking for in a travel cot.

Thanks x


  • I guess it depends how often you'll be using it - I bought the RedKite travel cot from the ASDA baby event for ??25 its really spacious, sturdy and easy to put up but is still faitly compact when its folded down. I find it really good value for money and Aila slept well in it when we've stayed away - but we've only used it twice as my mum has a cot at her house for when little miss stays over.
  • Hi

    My friend has given me a loan of a Graco Petit Bassinet and I love it. Its not too big, but my LO is 6 months and it is pefect for him still. It also has a bit for sleeping 'higher up' for when the baby is small, to save you bending right over.

    I have the Graco full size travel cot as well and its good, just really big lol. X
  • I love my Little life Arc 2. Really light and small to store but spacious when up. And the side unzips which is handy for when she wakes in the night - I can lie down with her!
  • I have this dilema!

    We are planning on visiting family in Wales and also got a couple of holidays booked over the next year so we are loking for something comfy for more than 3-3 nights in a row.

    I found this one online;

    Looks really good for a baby all the way through to toddler. Also, you can buy an extra mattress for more comfort. xx
  • I have the Mamas and Papas classic one - I also have the extra matress you can buy to go in it. My two boys and their cousin have all had naps during the day as well as brilliant nights sleep in it. Nice size - my twins could both sleep in it together until about five months.

    It is easy to put up and take down and comes in a nice bag for travelling.

    Would recommend it!

  • Thanks for replies everyone. I didn't realise that they would range in price so much. I managed to pick one up in Tesco tonight (after first visiting Asda to see if they had any redkite ones!), it was half price, ??80 reduced to ??40 so just got it as figured it was a good deal. It's a Hauck Disney travel cot and will suit up until 14kg.

    We're going to my parents tomorrow so will test it out then.

    Edited to say that had a look at that link Sarah 85, it looks great!

  • Seems like a good deal hope your lo gets a good sleep ni it tomorrow
  • You bought the one we have, lo has slept in it a few times with no probs - though I did buy an extra mattress from Mothercare to soften it a bit - travel cot mattresses always seem quite hard to me! lol. Not an essential buy though as it can be nicely padded out with a couple of well tucked in blankets really.

  • Hiya ive just ordered the mamas and papas one coz im going to use it every night until im ready to let my boy sleep in his own room.

    Hes outgrowing the moses at 10 weeks and we dont have enough room in our room for the cot bed.

    Its on offer at min and saw it in shop and it looks sturdy.

    Also will come in handy wen we go away.

  • I'm going to see how it goes tonight (if we even get away as it has snowed again here in Glasgow!) and will probably buy the extra mattress too, but will use lots of blankets tonight, thanks for the tip apple-pie.x
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