Help...weaning...where to start????

Hey Ladies,

My baby is coming up for 6 months, I started weaning her (unscessfully) just before xmas, but then she got a sickness bug and has only just started getting over it, she is now completely out of her usual routine and seems hungry all the time, waking for food in the night (she has slept through since she was 3.5 weeks).

The Dr told me to start weaning her, I've been trying for a few days but she just isn't interested, I've tried her with baby porridge and she just screams or blows raspberries so all the food comes out.

What am I doing wrong? surely if she was hungry she would take it?

Any tips would be very much appreciated.



  • It's best to start with baby rice, as the taste is bland and you mix it with baby's usual milk, so it has a similar taste.

    The only other advice I can offer is, take it slow, and try not to get stressed out over it, the last thing you want is for feeding time to become stressful.

    Good luck.

  • I started weaning a week ago and have had to try a couple of different things. I started with babyrice mixed with expressed milk and LO really wasn't interested, the next day I tried mixing it with formula milk and he loved it. I tried to introduce carrot today but he wasn't interested, going to try again tomorrow and if still unsuccessful may try adding a bit of formula to it.

    Are you mixing the porridge with LO's usual milk?
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