Silly question- dummies

My LO is 3 1/2 weeks old and loves her dummy- we are trying to keep it for only when she's waiting 5 mins for a feed (FF baby) and evening grizzles, but I know she's asking for it even when she's not hungry for comfort as she cries and puts her fists in her mouth, however she hasn't really found a thumb or finger yet. At night I try not to give the dummy to settle her as when it falls out she cries and I ahve to put it back in x10 times! But sometimes I admit I do give in.

My question is, does a dummy cause harm to development of babies' teeth, mouth etc or is it just a case of problems later trying to wean them off he ummy? Sorry if this is a really ignorant post! x


  • It depends on the dummy. Ds1 had the MAM orthadontic soothers and has a beautiful set of perfect teeth, one of my nieces had cherry soothers and her teeth are all over the place and my other niece also had MAM orthadontics and her teeth are also perfect. They also supposedly hinder a childs speech but neither ds or my nieces have ever had any problems with speech and all have a wonderful vocabulary (better than most kids their age) and have no issues regarding pronouncing words incorrectly due to having dummy in as we have always made them take the dummy out before speaking, plus once ds1 started talking I made sure dummy was just for sleep time and in the car.

    Ds2 is 7 weeks and has orthadontic soothers, though he isn't actually too fussed about having one, it's just as extra comfort, but I do allow him to have it when he wants if it makes him feel better.

    Hope this helps.

    My ds1 and one niece are 4 in march and my other niece is 3 in may.

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