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Jacob is 7 weeks and he is using the bumgenius V3 one size nappies. I used them with his sister but not from such a young age. They seem to leak from around the sides and I've done the usual washing to make sure no soap is left in, making sure I can't see between the elastic bits and his legs, changing him every 2 hours or so and it still leaks.

Any suggestions? I still have them on the small popper fastening and am using the large insert. They don't leak anywhere else.



  • perhaps put him up a setting. this is what i did when mine started leaking on the middle setting, i moved her up to full size and they were fine. i always use th insert and booster too. she's a heavy wetter.
  • We've never had any problems with leakage, maybe the leg elastic needs replacing? You can try going up a popper size too x
  • JFP we are using the same nappies andhaving the exact same problem! Getting really fed up. Was thinking of trying tots bots x
  • I swear by bg, i would suggest going up a popper size. x
  • Have tried going up a size and it seems ok so far!

    Thanks ladies!

    Socks - I have loads of BG from when Liy was a baby and hubby would go mad if I asked to buy more reusables...although I think a few weenotions may be in order at some point!

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