how do i get baby to nap in her cot durin day?

Hi just looking for a bit of advice. My LO is 22 weeks and has always napped on me during the day, problem is now shes getting a bit big shes struggling to stay asleep on me so i thought it was best to start getting her used to napping in her cot. Today is my first try and as i was expecting didnt go well, i got her to sleep on me first then put her in her cot but she woke up straight away so i picked her up and tried agen after the 2nd try she just screamed and screamed what seemed like forevr in the end i gave up. I dont really know how to approach the situation or what i shud and shudnt be doing, she doesnt have a dummy and im not wanting to just let her cry her heart out to sleep as i think its unfair. Im just wanting a bit of advice and not a bitch fest about how i shudnt of let her sleep on me in the first place. Thanx


  • Over Xmas my little lady got used to being cuddled to sleep again - so when I was putting her inher cot to nap she would cry rather than picking her up (as I'd worked so hard to get her self settle) I started leaning into the cot and cuddling her without picking her up - or just putting my arm across her chest and stroking her face. After a couple of days she was back to self settling. It's hard to leave them crying but I do leave her for about a minute - I think she copes better when I leave the room rather than me standing over her and she then wonders why I'm not cosying her.

    I hope you manage to get your daughter self settling soon xx
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