Am I going mad? (also in pregnancy)

I need advice coz I'm going mad. After my 6wk check I started taking pill again and after 7 days of taking it my hubby & I rekindled r love (trying to save my blushes) and have on & off for last 4 & bit months. Over last few wks iv felt pregnant. My previous baby bump which was just jelly has become a bump again, my breasts have been tender, iv had swollen feelin feet in the morning, back plus my usual tiredness. All of which have convinced me i'm pregnant. I decided to come off the pill 7 days ago after reading the side affects of it (I was on cerazette) & did I pregnancy test b4 which was negative. I feel like I'm

going mad. Do I just ignore the symptoms & go with the test or should I c the dr, who may laugh & tell me I'm just fat?!! Help x


  • go see your doctor, maybe its just your body settling down after having your baby or getting used to the pill again, if you want another baby then go for it, if not id recommend you use another form of contriception before you get a bfp one way or the other. x
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