Back Carrier Recommendations please


My 9.5month old is getting way too heavy for her BabyBjorn so am looking to invest in a back carrier for both me and hubby to use, I have no idea where to start and as they look quite pricey would really appreciate any recommendations.


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  • My hubby is a manager with Cotswold Outdoor - pop into any Cotswold store with your baby and they will test and correctly fit a carrier so everyone is comfy!

    We have a Deuter Kid Comfort II and we love it, used it for DD from 6 months to 3.5 years, and am now using it for DS - it still looks new! Little Life are also good carriers.
  • have you thought about slings? i have a mei tai and with a severe back problem i can still carry her (on my front or my back) with no problems. she is 21 months and 29lb8. much more comfer in these than bjorn types. both myself and my husband tried framed back carriers and my LO told me it hurt her and we could feel her weight so much, plus the carriers weight.

    just another option.
  • oops double post!
  • I second a mai tai type carrier - they're fab and fold up tiny to go in your hand bag! I've got a connecta carrier too which I love as its basically a buckle mai tai, so you don't have to tie the straps each time, just click and go. Have a look here -

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