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I started BLW with Fin a couple of weeks ago ish, he's 22weeks. At first I just wanted him to play with and explore the food but he had other ideas and has taken to it like a duck to water and now will chew and swallow things. We've no routine to it, some days he has no food, other days he'll share 2 meals with us. He's not had any bad reactions and cries if I take him out of his high chair mid meal!

I just wanted to ask how people reacted to your choice to do BLW? I can tell my mum thinks it's rediculous, and looks mightily concerned if he wretches. Her friend clearly thinks it's a bit cruel making him fend for himself. Dreading what the inlaws will make of it. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but I take other peoples oppinions to heart and If I don't have the understanding and support then I'm worried I'll start to doubt my choice.

With regards to wretching, do/did your LO's do this? And did they gradually stop doing it? Fin will usually do it once or a couple of times at each meal if he tries to swallow a piece which is too big. He brings it up no bother and I don't worry, but to other people I can appreciate why this must look bad/wrong.I know that I'm not.... but I fear people will think Im forcing something on him which is too grown up for him iyswim?

Also, is it important that I wait until 6month+ before introducing meat and dairy?

Just needing some reassurance please ladies! XXX


  • Pardon for being a bit harsh but 'stuff 'em'!! If BLW is right for you and your son then it's nobody elses business. We did BLW with DD who's now 3 and it was even less known then. I'm sure people thought we were mad but we didn't care. It suited our DD and she took to it really well. We're now planning on doing it again with DS (almost 23weeks) as loved it so much.

    If anyone questions it, not that you should have to justify yourself, i would tell them about all the benefits-your DS eats what he wants and how much he wants so he's not being 'force fed' with a spoon (not that i'm being derogitory about traditional weaning methods), he will grow up understanding what food looks and feels like in it's original form, he will have better hand/eye/mouth coordination, he'll be able to eat 'grown up'foods like sandwhiches and proper meals sooner than other babies and you're giving him the chance to experiment and enjoy food and eating.

    There are so many advantages to BLW. It doesn't suit everyone but if it's your choice then stick to your guns. People don't tend to like 'different' but that's through their ingnorance not your misguided judgement.

    He's your baby-remember!

    Good luck-i can't wait to start with my DS!

  • Whenever I've had a parenting choice questioned (by someone I care about, randomers get told to feck off - I mean really, is it any of your mum's pal's business how you feed you kids??) I give them a simple explanation of why I've chosen to do things that way, and usually chuck in a reference to a study or research or other supporting statement, like "BLW seems really different, but it's advocated by Gill Rapley who is a qualified HV AND Midwife". Then I carry on my own sweet way.

    If they keep harping, just tell them that you appreciate their concern but that you would appreciate it if they could support you in the choices you make as a parent because they're upsetting you with their negativity.

    I don't think my inlaws have approved of ANYTHING I do with the kids. This is my bothered face.
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