Sorry my laptop did something weird and now I don't know how to edit the title...but it should have said baby swing seat!!!!!

My LO is 14 weeks and still a nightmare at sleeping anywhere other than on me during the day, unless we're out in the car or walking with the pram. When she gets overtired I have to stand up and rock her until she goes off and she's getting heavy!!! It also means I get very little done during the day when we're at home. When she's in her rocker chair she just cries when she gets too tired and will never fall asleep in it. We're moving house in a couple of weeks and will have much more room and a few people have recommended a swing seat and said this may solve the problem and send her off to sleep. But I've had a look and a lot of them are only suitable up to around 20lbs and she's already 13lbs10. I was looking at the fisher price swing that then converts to a toddler seat so that we'd get more use out of it but it's the swing seat we really want. Are there any that are suitable up to a heavier weight? I'm not sure how long it'll be before LO is 6lbs heavier either, but considering she's put on nearly 5lbs in three months I'm guessing it won't be that long!



  • Her wieght will slow down as she gets older! my DD weighed 8lb 12.5 at birth and was putting on nearly a pound a month at one stage, we brought her a swing seat which did do the trick better than anything else we brought!

    She is 1 at the end of january and only wqeighs 19lb 4! she did go up to 20lb 6oz last month when i had her weighed but she started walking just before then and i think the weight loss has been due to the moving around alot but she has also been ill!

    either way i think it will take longer than you think to reach 20lb! We brought a swing seat from argos because it was only about ??60 and we have kept it for when we have another baby! maybe try getting a second hand swing seat if you don't mind preused things that way you aren't wasting your money if LO does reach 20lb before getting a lot of use out of it but i personally think they r worth their money even if it lasts a week! LOL

    Hope this helps

  • Hi hun, put it like this, if it saves you time and lets you get on with things wont it be worth the money? My first dd got heavy quickly but never went past 22lbs for over a year! they will slow down putting weight on and your lo might be in or around the 20lb mark for quite some time and anyway by the time she reaches that point hopfully she sleeps in her cot for you during the day.

    Also ment to say if you are considering ever having any more kids you will always have it for them too! xxx
  • Thanks for the replies. We had to go to Mothercare this afternoon for some bits and they had the swing and only had one left so we decided to go for it! We put her in it earlier and althogh she liked it for a while she did cry when she wanted to get out and fall asleep on me but maybe she'll get used it! Even if she doesn't sleep in it I'm hoping she might spend a bit of time in it so that I can get on and do other things in the same room.

    Thanks for the info on weight gain too, I have no idea about these things!!!

    no3bump - whenever hubby mentions 'the next one' I tell him I'm not having any more as the memories of pregnancy and giving birth are still too vivid...but I know that'll fade and I'm sure there'll be another bambino in the family in a few years!!!

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