Advice re green poos

Hi all sorry tmi,

My lo is 10 weeks and has been on c and g hungry milk for 3 weeks he was always rooting on the other milk.

But hes being sick like curdy stuff after feeds and has smelly bottom wind and green poos. Sometimes he will have morm poos and wind then he goes back to green again.

I dont know whether to switch back but my fear is he will be insatiable again.

Please help!! hv said just keep with it but i know he has tummy ache as he gets trapped wind which im using infacol for and anti colic bottles. But regardless how much you wind him he still has some left.



  • My twins had this when I swapped to hungry baby milk, so I swapped back and slowly introduced it again. I started with the last feed of the day, then every other until they were all hungry baby. They still have the odd green poo , my doc said this is normal and nothing to worry about. He said when they have solid food (just started) it would change colour again (green/orange/yellow - the whole rainbow!) until it starts to go brown.

  • Thankyou i can tell he has belly ache though coz he cries alot like a colicky cry. And has smelly wind.

    I did gradually introduce it but still tummy ache.

    Dont know what to do. Hes being sick alot too.

  • hi, green poo can be an indicator for many things, inc intolerances, tummy bugs, teething, too much milk, not enough milk, colds and bf too much fore milk, not enough hind milk etc etc etc...they generally won't worry about green poo as long as baby is generally happy, healthy with a steady weight gain...if ur lo is very colicky/sensitive tum though, how about using a 'comfort' milk? like apatamil comfort, and c&g do a version too, it's supposed to be specifically for babies who suffer lots with trapped wind, colic etc ... he could be being sick alot etc because the hungry baby is too much for him, especially if he has a delicate tum anyway, it might be too heavy, i know my ds used to feed more when had trapped wind etc, as they find it soothing, so could it alos be that he's not extra hungry, and actually just trying to comfort himself when he gets an ouchy tum? iyswim? sorry if u've been through all this already, but hth xx

    in my ds's case he actually turned out to be cow's milk intolerant, he'd had green poo from very young (don't think it was ever yellow) and would feed and feed, with lots of colic and being sick, hv told us to try hungry baby and it got a lot worse, and he actually started to lose weight...changed gp, he put him on sma wysoy (at 4months) and he was almost a different baby overnight...not syaing ur lo is milk intolerant, but might be worth exploring x
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