BLW help!

I want to start introducing finger food to LO when she is 24 weeks! She has been on purees since 17 weeks on advice from doctor but keep trying to steal our food!

I want to start her on thing like carrot battons, broccoli stems and wedges of sweet potato but have a few questions!

A) can I leVe the skin on sweet and normal potato?

B) do I need to steam them as I news them or can she have left over from my dinner the night before as long as they are kept in the fridge and covered!

C) is 24 weeks too young to have toast fingers?

D) after how long would you start introducing small sandwiches, pasta etc?

E) I know it's high in salt but can babies have marmite as long it's a small amount?

Sorry for all the questions!




  • We started blw at 24 weeks,

    a, yes fine to leave skin on

    b, I would use proprly stored leftovers

    c, we gave toast fingers and sandwiches quite early, but they took her quite a while to eat as she was just kind of sucking them

    d, I can't remember how long till she had pasta etc but it was quite soon, probably within a few days, spaghetti and noodles are good as they can grab a handful and its cute the way they suck them up

    e, don't actually know about marmite sorry

    hope some of that helps. As I mentioned on the other thread check out blw by Gill Rapley.
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