Quinny 'v' Apple I candy

Hi ladies

I am completely torn down the middle. Any 'pros' or 'cons' from anyone who has used or also considered these travel systems? Reviews online are such a mixed bag!

thanks in advance


  • hi we looked at both of these when i was pregnant with lizzie and in the end we went with a stokke xplory,lol! we decided the quinny buzz had a shopping basket which was too small for any kind of proper use and at the time there was alot of talk about the seat unit not being big enough (not sure if this has been sorted now?)

    i cant remember our reason for not going for the icandy (is it from birth? because if not that may have been the reason we didnt go for it?)

    anyway we chose the stokke as it fitted all our requirements and lizzie is now 12 months and its been fab! x
  • Hi hun, I'm going back 4 years but our choice came down to the Buzz and the I'Candy.

    We went for the I'Candy, main reason being cos at the time everybody was getting a Quinny Buzz and I wanted something different.

    We got the pushchair, carrycot and car seat.

    Pro's - a really smooth ride, looks nice, errr (racks brain).....

    Con's - really heavy, raincover for pushahir only fits in upright forward facing position, awkward to push, I'm really not a fan of it and wish we'd gone for something else.

    Just had 2nd baby in August and we have been using the I'Candy again and I'm still complaining every time I use it.

    We're on the lookout for a new pushchair in the sales.

    Vic xx
  • Hi I can't do a comparison for u coz I don't know anything about iCandy but I love my buzz 3. I bought a used 1 in eBay after having a mamas & papas travel system & hating it. Iv now got a new quinny! I love it. Pros easy to push, lightweight but sturdy, collapses well to go in boot, my lo seems happy in it, different positions r great. Pros no wer to hang shopping bags but iv bought hooks to go on handle. Can't think of anymore cons!!
  • I was stuck between these and opted for the quinny - price was a big factor. Got to say I love my quinny, its easy to collapse, bubba likes it, looks good. They also have a toddler seat attachment these days.
  • personally i'd go for the apple, purely because u then have the option of tyrning it into a double should u decide to have another baby fairly soon x
  • I love my iCandy!! To be honest I dont think you can go far wrong with either the iCandy or quinney it's just down to personal preference! xx
  • I have a quinny and love it. I was a bit funny about how everyone seemed to have one so i got one which was an unusual colour (gold and brown) and not seen the same one yet. It is so easy to push and i love how versitile it is in terms of changing attachments. I have the shopping hooks too and they make a big difference. Only cons i have found is that:

    . The chassi and buggy only folds down together when the buggy unit is facing away and at the most upright setting- this is only a pain as i use the car a lot and only have l/o facing me.

    .The raincover for the buggy is difficult to put on, so leaves me in a pickle when it starts raining, as i can't get it on quick enough!
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