Going to 1st baby group - what to expect?

Hi - bit of a silly question really but I am going to my first ever mum adn baby group tomorrow and was just wondering what to expect! LO will need feeding there will that be OK? What kind of things have you done at groups before?


  • I went to my first one last week and it was lovely! Spent the first hour with babies playing with toys and chatting to other mums and the last 30 mins was singing songs in a circle. 2 mums BF while we were there too.

    Really recommend going x
  • I go to a baby group every friday morning with Poppy and have been going since she was about 8 weeks old, I really enjoy it. The format is very similar to what yummy_mummy_2be has described - to begin with they have a room full of toys, baby gyms etc on soft mats and the babies just play (or sleep!) while the mums chat and have tea and then for the last half an hour we all sit in a circle and sing songs. The first one of the month is 'messy play' and the older babies sit in bowls of oats or sand and play and all the babies do foot printing with paint!!! It's really good fun and nice to chat to other mums and see the different stages in developement in the first year(it's an under 1's group).

  • Thanks for replies!! Am really excited image

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