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Any opinions on BabyStyle Lux?

We are at the stage of having to order the pram and after looking at many different makes and options, our favourite is the BabyStyle Lux 3 in 1 in Bubble Grey (we're team yellow so it seemed the most neutral pattern). I love the fact that it has a slightly retro feel to the design but wondered if anyone had this make and could offer any opinions on if it was good or bad? Any issues people had come across when using it?

Thank you in advance x


  • i had the babystyle in aerowhite and adored it! however, while i would but it again!, it is quite bulky and a bit fiddly until you get used to it.

    if you are intending to put it in car boot i'd measure the dimesions of the boot first as i found it very difficult to get into my mums new car when she got it, which resulted in me selling it. other than that, i loved it and would choose it again. xxxx
  • I have the babystyle oyster and I love it. It's easy to fold down, fits in my not so big boot and is lightweight. The lux chasis looks similar to the one for the oyster. I love my oyster, it's fab.
  • Hi i dont post much but i have the babystyle prestige and i love it my litle boy is 16mth now and we still use it when out for walks have a stroller for shops but only got this at 13mths looks so comfy easy to use carrycot fab an seat reclines fully an had lots of comments on how nice it looks you get everything apart from rain cover which is a bonus!

    i had a punto at first and put wheels in boot an carrycot on backseat but when it was in pushchair mode it all fitted in boot!
  • Thanks so much for your feedback - I have fallen slightly in love with this pram! Was a little worried about fitting it in boot as I have a small car but sounds as if we can manage that.

    Saw someone with this pram on the train on Friday and couldn't help but have a little stare, was trying to judge width and ease of fitting through doors - lady must have thought I was a strange one!
  • it's worth having no room in your boot to have it in my opinion! lol but i am a pram junkie...i'm on my 4th travel system and DD is only JUST 1! :lol: but it is a lovely pram hun and if you have your heart set on it nothing else will compare xxx
  • I have to say I have one and I hate it!! lol I think it depends what you use it for, I need mine in and out of the car minimum twice a day during school runs and the time it takes to get out attach pram seat get ds2 in it and then all again to put back in its easier to lift him. I had a graco with ds1 and it was so much better. I find basic functions like seat recline are a pain in the arse to use. It is a very sturdy good quality pram and if you are going to have it 'set up' most of the time and not out and about a lot, up and down a lot etc etc then yep its a good buy. I'm trying to talk my hubby into getting the baby jogger select lol at the moment, also on ebay (when I last checked yesterday) there are no bids on any babystyle prams whereas other brands sell away, my own is on gumtree and has had over 70 views and not one enquiry. Lastly I drive a golf and it just about fits in teh boot - oh another pain in the arse thing is fitting the seat and frame in as tney dont fold down together so you have to either have dirty wheels on the seat or the seat with the back facing out but this takes up even more room. I did totally fall in love with it from the pictures but stupidly didn't 'test' it enough in teh shop as just thought it was so lovely and tbh thought the stiff movements were just as it was new.

    Sorry to sound negative I just wish some one would have talked me out of mine as its a lot of money xx
  • just to say i can fold mine with the seat attached! have it upright an hood forward then recline seat to make it all flat! i have no bother through doors and it is worth no boot space for this pram! x
  • I have the babystyle prestiage and i also love it. I dont have any comment on how it fits in boots of cars and how it folds because me and my partner dont drive so i never have to collapse it. My little boy looks so snug in it and its great because it can be parent facing or forward facing.Ive also had so many nice comments and loads of pregnant women asking me all about it. If you are wondering what is the difference between the Lux and Prestiage i was told that the Prestiage has a more thicker better quality material.
  • Would u know where I can get the bit for the carry cot that makes it recline or does the Lux not do that ? Thanks in advance x

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