M&P Sola or I Candy Cherry?!

Hi Everyone

I'm looking for your advice!!

I thought we had chosen our pushchair - we were going for the Mamas and Papas Sola but after popping into John Lewis today we saw the I Candy Cherry. Hubby had a little push and he said it was so light and easy to manuvere especially as the front wheels swivelled!

Could anyone give me their opinions or expereinces of either pushchair to help my decision!! We are going to have a proper test drive of both next weekend but I'd like to be prepared!!!

Thanks girls!! xx


  • Hiya, I had this exact same quandry this time last year (although I was choosing between the sola and icandy apple). We went with the sola in the end and I have no regrets - I love it - it too manouvers really nicely (and has swivel front wheels that you can also lock - very useful in the snow!!). We decided to go for the sola over the apple because my friend had an icandy and said it was pretty hefty - she bought a cheaper stroller when her son was 8 months old. Its a veyr personal choice so go and have a play with them both, but I can't priase the sola highly enough! Good luck x
  • I've got the Icandy Cherry and love it. I'm quite petite, so the fact that it's so light is great. We thought it was a bit more sturdy then any at Mamas & Papas, but that is purely personal opinion.

    Happy pram shopping!
  • It was a toughie but we went for the Sola. We also liked the exact same two. We are both so pleased with out decision, I'm thinking of becoming the Sola's number 1 spokes person. Sounds girly but I loved the colour, we have the green one and knew it would be perfect for our little man. It's lightweight and so easy to use. Happy shopping Hun xxx
  • SOLA! we bought ours when it first came out and love it. its so much lighter than the i candy, easier to push, easier to collapse and personally i like the handles better. plus miles CHEAPER!

    its the best parent facing pram i have had (and this is my 3rd type) my LO is very tall and she still faces me with no probs at 21 months old.

  • We have the Sola too and I love it. Light, easy to manouvere and fold and I've had lots of comments about what a good looking pram it is (we have it in Orchid, just as well we had a girl!)
  • We have the Sola and we love it! We used the carrycot as the Moses basket too, so our Lo has had lots of use out of it! She is a really long 17 week old, and is just about ready to go into the pushchair part now. The basket is great, and everyone who has taken Lo out for a walk has said how good a pram it is.

    We have it in black, as we didn't know whether we we having a boy or a girl.

    Pram shopping is exciting! Xxx
  • We also have the sola in orchid (again, good thing we had a girl) we love it, its so easey to manouver and to get in and out of the car and comparatively i think its reasonably priced - the icandy's are lovely and if money was no object we might have made that choice but we cant fault the sola at all x
  • Sola!! We have it in green and love it! Lo us 5 months now so is in the pushchair part which is fab. So lightweight, easy to move about and very durable (I have a high step at my front door so to get out on my own I have the lift the frame whilst balancing on the back wheels and it's been great)

    No complaints at all! X
  • i have the cherry and love it. the new limited edition s so lush i wish theyd had it when i chose mne. i got fudge. had issues with the hood, as it had side panels that let the light in, but theyve changed it now so it doesnt! i am picking up my new hood this week. tbh if i could go back id get the peach! or the city select image
  • How much is the ICandy Cherry with carrycot? x
  • about ??500. shop around and then john lewis price match
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