Large play mat?

Hi ladies,

Just wondered if any of you could recommend a good large play mat? They all seem quite expensive... can anyone recommend a bargain that they've found (via ebay or such like!) and one thats not too thin as it'll be going on a wooden floor when my DS goes to his Nana's!

Thanks in advance!

NN xx


  • The foam alphabet/number ones are FAB. We got a couple of packs for xmas for our wooden floor. They are about 1cm thick, so provide a great soft floor.

    We got ours from early learning, but they are all over. Think tesco and argos sell them cheaper.

  • I'll second the large foam jigsaw pieces. We had ours from Asda - 2 packs for ??8.
  • Hi,

    I've been lookng for a large play mat too. The cheapest I found was at ikea at ??25 but like others have suggested I am going to go with the foam squares for a play mat. Although we don't have a wooden floor we have a cream carpet which I am constantly cleaning now lo is getting more mobile. We also have large patio doors that go out into our garden from our dining room, which we use a play room too. The doors do have abit of a lip on them so I'm going to use them outdoors in summer too incase he trips!! Being foam I'm hoping they will be harder wearing and do for both jobs image

  • Yep another vote for the foam jigsaw pieces - I can't think of a specific large playmat, but these are ideal, and easy to change to size - good for us on the laminate as we can cover the floor for dd (6 months) to roll about, but can make her area smaller when ds (2.5) wants to charge about! Hopefully they'll help him learn his letters too. We got ours from ELC - the Asda ones sound a bargain though.
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