When to settle

At what age would you reccomend letting your baby self settle? x


  • Do you mean self settle as in put them to bed awake at nap and bed times and let them go to sleep on their own or self settle when the cry and you dont go back to them?

    If its the later i wouldnt do that at all - my dd is 7 months now and is having some disturned sleep with teething so i always go in to her and try and calm her down as she needs cuddles but she also has developed a sort of 'fake' cry like if she wakes up after a 20min nap and i can see she is still tired (video monitor) i dont go in when she cries as its not a proper upset cry and she is usually back asleep within 5 mins (and if not i go and get her then) but when she was younger i would always go in and see how she was even just to shh/pat her. As for going to sleep and naps she has always gone done to bed awake (bar the times she is really tired and falls asleep on the bottle) and self settled herself to sleep as she never cried doing this (sometimes she does now since we moved her into her big cot and again providing its a grumble and not a proper upset cry i do leave her for a few mins before going to her to see if she will self settle)

    Hope that makes some sort of sense lol?

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