Meeting potential Childminders - what to do?

Hi there,

I'm going to be meeting two potential childminders in the next couple weeks and this is entirely new to me and i have no idea what i'm supposed to do/act/say. i know i'm looking out to see if she's a nice person and to check out her credentials and all that kind of thing but is there anything else I need to do? Is there a set list of questions I can ask?

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you ladies x


  • We've just been through this over Christmas and found our childminder! You do get a sense straight away if you'd get on with her. Some of the questions we asked were:

    - General questions like how long has she been childminding, what led her into it, is she ofsted registered/ got first aid training/ is she fully insured etc

    - how many other LOs does she look after, what are their ages and how long has she been looking after them

    - does she accept childcare vouchers

    - what day to day activities does she do with the children/ what groups does she attend

    - does she provide meals (most do from our experience at extra cost)

    - how would she disciplin my LO when he's naughty

    - could she provide me with some references

    Ermmm I think they are the main things we asked, if I think of anymore I'll let you know!! Good luck!! xxx
  • Thank you this is very helpful image
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