One born every minute!!

I'm loving that the series is back. I loved it first time round, love it even more. It's so different watching it from the other side as I was 7 months pg this time last year.



  • i wanna slap that screamer more!
  • lol, yeah. I'm about 20 mins behind cause watching it on my sky planner, but she is getting on my tits
  • No, I didn't want to slap him.

    And he's not a 'prick' - I highly suspect he has Aspergers. How dare you refer to him like that.
  • not sure which one ralph was...

    that girl was a screamer though! cor blimey! even the midwives in the staff room looked shocked by the way she was screaming...sounded more like scared screams than pain screams, if that makes sense?

    felt really bad for the otehr young lad, when his girlfriend got taken to theatre and when asked who she wanted to atke with her, she said her mum. bless him, he really wanted to be there with her, and no one even paid him a second thought...felt really sorry for him, u could see in his face how dissappointed he was and how much he really wanted to be there, but bless him he kept quiet and let her have her wish...what a sweetheart x
  • I am so pleased to see this back.

    I thought Ralph was really sweet. He really wanted what was best for her and I really felt for him when he couldn't go with her down to theatre.

    I was shocked by how much that other women was screaming. If I was on the ward with her I would have been weeing myself.

    I hope they show more natural births in this series. They seem to opt for the scariest ones they can find with lots of intervention.
  • i thought Ralph seemed slightly aspergers too... he seemed to have lots of features. i felt so sad for him when his girlfriend went off to theatre because neither of them even said goodbye and he clearly found it really hard to handle!

    the noisy lady annoyed me... but she clearly knew she was being a bit loud though, the camera effect maybe?
  • Lol my Hubby was wetting himself and says thank god I hadn't sounded like that! It was funny though!

    I work with kids like Ralp and do believe he is on the autistic spectrum, possibly autistic, when his girlfriend said they had met in a class at school for kids who found it hard to interact and make friends says a lot! As for him repeating himself and talking about the Romans throughout was probably his way of dealing with a situation he didn't know how to react to! Sone aspirers, not all, don't like change of routine etc and like things to be very planned and let be honest labour is anything but planned lol!


  • I <3'd Ralph! He was sooooo sweet.

    The screamer grated on me!

    I asked hubby if i had behaved like that, he said no he would have left me at the hospital if i had image
  • I thought Ralph came across as a young fogey if you know what I mean. It was so sweet when he was crying at the end though, bless him

    The screamer- oh my god I don't even know what to say! She was so close to falling off the bed!! Watching something like that makes it clear there is definitely a place for epidurals in the world!! I found it really hard to associate her screaming with the pain- I mean, I didn't have the urge to scream like that in labour and it didn't seem like a pain scream to me at all. Hope that makes sense!! She was still screaming once the baby was out, did you notice?

  • i had a boy in my class with aspergers and it reminded me of ralph this morning. Poor lad.

    I thought it was sad at the end when he was crying, he should have had some support for himself there, she had her mum but with his obvious social issues he could have benefited some a parent/friend.

    Bless both ladies, I had my baby at princess anne and the hosp is amazing, was even asked to do the show but kindly declined. Anyone who goes on it is brave and amazing to show the world their vunerability and the magic that is the birth of their baby xxx
  • I'm just watching it now, i've got a friend who's on the autistic spectrum and Ralph has a lot of the same characteristics, I thought he was really sweet! It was quite sad that she clearly didn't want him to be there but he wanted to stay, bless him!

    I think if I had the inclination at the time I would've screamed as much as that woman! As it was I was too busy clamping down on the g&a lol!
  • Aw I thought wee Ralph was lovely I too think he has aspergers, my heart went out to him when he couldn't go into the theatre with janet he was really gutted and I cried when he cried at teh end. God love him what a nice wee chap xx

    The screamer lady omfg tbh I thought she behaved a bit like a spoilt brat almost as if she was throwing a tantrum I was p**sing myself laughing at all the mw's laughing at her.

    What the show really did do for me though is make me want another one NOW!!! (I do anyway but dont think we will for a while) sounds daft but I love the excitement of labour!!!!! I really miss it!
  • I have to say I mentioned that I thought Ralph was bizarrely posh and then my very clever friends pointed out he probably has aspergers (I've got no experiance of this), until they pointed this out I ignorantly thought he was a bit eccentric. Not everyone is as aware of things like this so its good to be educated image
  • oh and I also wanted to slap the screamer - I think she was a tad hysterical............just a tad mind :lol:
  • Im with mummy 2 grace. I thought young ralph was just exstremely posh and having had no life experiance was hiding behind his books hence the continous reference to romans etc.

    maenad- I suppose not everyone has experiance or would recognise the signs of aspergers dont think o/p meant offence.

    As for the screamer I do remember shouting towards the end but not like that! Think she was slightly embarrassed at the end. felt for poor midwives, I wonder if they can wear earplugs???

    Good to see it back , looking forward to the waterbirth one. Hoping to convince DH of virtues of a waterbirth for when we decide to have 2nd lo.

  • I love this programme too.....last series was on just has I found out I was pregnant.....

    I loved the two older MW's....they kept saying they were 'old school'.....loved the saying that each person was a guest in the hospital !!!! bless them !!!!

    GGRRRR to that woman screaming - was there any need !!! I think my husband would have hit me if I performed like that !!!

    I loved Ralph was so touching when cried at the end...he was such a proud Daddy !! I was nearly in tears when he couldn't go with his Girlfriend.......He asked the MW for a Hug...... what a sweetie !!!!

    can't wait for next weeks !!

    DLAM xxx (mummy to Declan and a non screamer in labour...hahaha)
  • That women screaming- i'm sorry but completly uncalled for!!

    When we saw Ralph first i thought hmm... but by the end of it i was sayingto me husband he definatly hasw autism/aspergers. It was clear this was the case and i was left wondering where his support was. The midwide, old school one was ace with him...thought it was sweet when she said goodbye and he said "thank you for taking an interest in my book" Was also interesting to see him change when the mum left...he felt comfatable in that situation with just his girlfriend and was a real gentleman x
  • G/C but i just wanted to say i noticed that too that the screamer was still going even when the baby had been placed on her chest lol

    I sobbed while watching Ralph, when the mw asked him if he would like anything, a drink etc, and he asked for a hug i broke down. I blame it on hormonesimage

    Laura x
  • I am sorry if I have caused offence regarding Ralph. I have had no experiance of aspergers or autism, so to me I thought he wasjust a very posh lad who had his nose in the books a lot. I am extremely embarassed that I have made this comment about him. Again I am sorry.
  • I love OBEM and watched it this afternoon as was in bed for half 8 last night :lol:

    Bless Ralph when he asked for a hug, I also cried with him at the end and I can't even blame it on hormones anymore :lol:

    How scary for all the other ladies hearing Steph scream, think she made the right decision to have the epidural!

    The water birth looks fab next week, can't wait!

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