temp of 38.4 and won't take meds - help please!!

Morning ladies, I'm posting in here as toddler has been bit quiet so hope some of you ladies might be able to help!!

I had a feeling ds (3years) was threatening for something yesterday and he's been up everyhour through the night and has a temp of 38.4 (was 39.1 at 2am this morning!!) but after a bad experience with a steroid at the hospital in Dec he is now refusing ALL meds!!! The steroid for croup last month made him sick so he's now scared to take anything

I just don't know how to get some calpol down him!! He won't take it in squash - he's not a fool and knows it tastes funny and spits it out!!

Help I need some tips for getting it into him, other than forcing it down his throat which i'm reluctant to do with a strong willed 3 year old

He has no other symptoms at all which is quite odd, so I don't know what it could be!!

Help please, thanks Claire and a very hot Shea xx

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  • Have you tried giving it to him with a syringe? You can squirt it into the back of his mouth - I got mine from Boots chemist.

    Mixing it with food - like porridge?

    I am sorry I dont have any better ideas I hope someone can help you - could you try NHS direct see what tips they have?

  • I have a syringe but he just spits it out again!!! I have managed to get half a syringe in him I think!!

    He's also told me if he can watch a backyardigans on nick jnr now he'll take some!!!! Bribary from a 3 year old hey!!!! :roll:
  • I'm not being confrontational, but why does he *have* to take it? Surely trying to force medication into a child who desperately doesn't want it will only cause him extreme distress and make him feel worse?

    High temperatures are often the body's way of fighting infections - your DS' isn't scarily high and if he's well in himself and not complaining of pain, why don't you let his body have a crack at fixing itself? Obviously monitor him and if he seems unwell or complains of pain you can re evaluate and possibly contact your GP.

    I'm not anti-calpol, by the way, just think that the pharmaceutical companies have brainwashed us into thinking it's the only solution to all problems when often nature has a better way.
  • Hi Chick, my son also has re-occurring croup and as you know it is important for them to get temps down and esp neurofen for the anti immflammatory.

    We have forced him a few times when he has been given anti-biotics etc and it is hideous. I now hand him the neurofen tube and let him suck it out himself.

    My SIL has a funky finding nemo syringe but its from south africa....I will try hunt it on google as it is like the long wiggly straws you get with a nemo on the end but a syringe.

    Good luck and love from a fellow croup mummy, it is tough work...I think we are on the verge of another bout xx
  • high temps can be dangerous if not kept under control esp if dehydration sets in and he's not taking much fluids at the moment either

    With him having reoccuring croup it also important to keep the temp down. the last time he was in A&E with croup the doctor would NOT let him leave hospital until his temp had reduced adn in the end they ended up having to give him paracetamol adn anti inflam up his bum because he wouldn't take the medi. So if the doctor wouldn't let him leave with a temp then they must consider it important to get the temp down.

    He did take haldf syringe when backyardigans were on and gagged and spat some out so i'll see if the temp has come down at all.

    I'm all for natural remedies and solutions Maenad but hi temps do worry me with his past illnesses

  • Very high temps can be dangerous, and I'm not trying to poo-poo your concern, just to reassure you. Just suggesting that if he's otherwise symptomless, it's probably just the body fighting off an attack from infection which WILL hike his temperature slightly for a short while but not to dangerous levels. He'd need to crank it up to 42 degrees or more to be at any risk, and even then it's a slight risk.

    I'd be more concerned about getting fluid into him than medication. Also maybe a cool wet flannel on his forehead or round his neck, or even a tepid bath, might bring his temperature down a little if he really really won't take the meds.

    I do wish they'd make those melt-on-the-tongue type meds for kids like they do for adults, it would save a tremendous amount of bother!!

    Hope he's feeling better soon.
  • I would say go with his bribary hun and perhaps offer him a chocolote button or something if he takes a little??

    Maened seriously WHY DOES HE HAVE TO TAKE IT?!! 38.4 is a high temp and yes its the body's way of fighting infection but if a child cant get the body temp down they are at risk of convulsions.
  • I have the same prob, but keep trying. My doc 39 and above is a very high temp.

    Syringe is always best for me. But when mine are old enough to take a bribe, i'd go with it every time :lol:
  • Manaed my hubby just called and asked exactly the same thing!! Why can't you get another form of paracetemol for lo's!! He can't be in the same room as calpol as he had menengitis as a child and all he can remember is this pink sweet medicine and he's had a fear of it since!!

    I understand what you are saying about the high temps and yes I know your trying to reassure but the trouble is us mummies do become a bit irrational when our lo's are ill don't we and its hard for us to see common sense!! I supposed i'm jsut worried about croup again as I really don't want another stint in a&e!!! Thankfully stripping him off has cooled him, he's drank a load of juice and hes now throwing a ping pong ball around the living room!! So obviously perked up!!!!!
  • I've replied on your thread in toddler but just in response to the calpol question we get something called medinol on prescription. It's basically calpol but without the colourings and flavourings!

  • It's very easy to be rational when it's not your kiddo that's ill. Sounds like he spiked overnight and it's on it's way down now, glad he's picked up a bit. Mine usually stay lethargic and grim until I drag them to the GP, panicking, at which point they become The Happiest Healthiest Child In The World. I once rushed DD to A&E, vomiting and sleepy after a bang to the head, and as soon as we got in the waiting room she starting running around and chatting to the Saturday night drunks!
  • yep that normally happens to us!! At deaths door on the way and then bouncing around as soon as he gets in the door!!
  • is he refusing it because its pink? or all medicines? If its the colour then maybe calprofen (ibuprofen) might be worth a try as its white. Let us know how he goes xx
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