Travel Bottle Warmers (also in DIO)

Until now i've been giving Dexter his bottles at room temperature which he's been fine with but I feel a bit bad always giving him cold feeds and i'm not convinced the formula is dissolving properly. I want to get a travel warmer that I can shove in his bag when i'm...travelling funnily enough. Can anyone recommend one?



  • alot of the girls form my antenatal have the tommee tippee travel bottle warmer which has a nice big "cup" that goes over the flask to put the bottle in. I on the other hand went for a low tech option of a small flask which we already had and an old round pasta sauce tub to put the water and bottle in! works a treat
  • Hi I have the tommee tippee one and have no complaints x
  • I have a fisher price one - excellent! Just pour in the hot water and it will still be warm the next day!!
  • I've got the tt flask and insulation bags- both fab! x
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