Lo wants to sleep on his side


All of a sudden my 18 week old lo doesn't like slepping on his back anymore. He used to be a perfect sleeper but now he's almost constantly moaning and trying to arch his back as if trying to turn over to sleep on his side. last night I got up endless times trying to settle him. I even fed him which I've not had to do for weeks. By 4am i decided to roll up a blanket and let him sleep on his side. Not a peep from him after that! I know you should only put them on their back but he doesn't like it. I'm scared of him suffocating or something if I put him on his side. Do any of you put your babies on their side? Is there any way of doing it safely?


  • Just G/cing...my son is 15 months and when he was a baby they put him on his side in the hospital....

    The MW told me the 'recovery' position as such is not dangerous for them. The did exactly what you did and rolled a cellular blanket behind him. He slept on his side until about 6 months when he was strong enough to roll both ways and now chooses to sleep on his tummy

  • my ds started sleeping on his side at about 12 weeks and then started sleeping on his front from about 19 weeks. My hv wasn't concerned and told me to leave him as thats obviously where he's comfiest. He could roll over so they weren't worried.

    He's now 3 and still sleeps on his front
  • DS is exactly like claire-a-belle's, and became a tummy sleeper at 18 weeks. He could roll himself both ways by then, I put him down on his back and within minutes he'd flip over.

    If you're using blankets to support him, maybe put these under the sheet, or fold and tightly tuck a fitted sheet over the top of them so they can't unroll and tangle him up?
  • My LO regularly sleeps on her side and has done since about 5 months.
  • Ah thatnks for your replies. I was a bit worried in case I was being a bad mummy and putting him in danger. I will carry on letting him sleep on his side then. It means I might get some sleep too image Maenad I like the idea of putting the blanket under a sheet.

  • Hi there!

    My DS is now 23weeks and has slept on his side almost since birth-it was the only way i could get him to settle. I too roll up a blanket and put it behind him and he settles wonderfully in that position. He can roll from his back to his side and from front to back but does neither of these in bed-think he finds it too difficult in his sleeping bag!! Yes the guidelines suggest sleeping on their back but they are just guidelines and you have to do what suits you and your baby within reason. As they get older and start to move around the cot they'll sleep in whatever position they choose anyaway.

  • My little one has always slept on his side from 3 weeks old he wouldn't settle any other way. My mom said when i was a baby she was told to put a baby to sleep on their side just incase they vomitted and choked.
  • my ds started to sleep on his tummy from about 5 months i was so worried I emailed the sids email help thing and the girl said that once they can roll over the sids risk reduces dramatically and to put him on his back but if he moves dont worry about it, he is 10 months old and now sleeps with his bum in the air
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