bf-ing and periods

hi wanted to pop this in here as not much traffic in bf at moment.

I am exclusively bf-ing my 3 month old and was wondering that although I am not having a period... will I experience the period pain/cramps? I have had some on off pain in the last few days and am unsure what it is!


  • I wouldn't of thought so.

    Could be everything settling down still, or maybe you're gearing up to start OVing again?

    I think you should see your GP if you're worried though.

    B x
  • Hi,

    My DS is now 5 months and I have exclusively BF. At around 4 months I started having strange sharp pains on and off, they then dissapeared for a couple of weeks and came back at the weekend, followed by my 1st AF (which wasn't!).

    I read that if your baby starts going longer stetches without feeds (i.e sleeping a little longer between feeds at night this can start things off).

    I now think the initial pain were OV pains, and it was obviously everything getting back to normal.

    Hope this helps.

  • I'm still doing 2 BFs a day - DD is 8.5 months and fully weaned. I haven't had AF yet, but I have had a few cramps and a change in CM which I wondered meant that she was on the way.

    Haven't been missing it, but want to start TTC again in the not to distant future so it would be quite helpful from that perspective!
  • DS is 9mnths, fully weaned & has 2-3BFs also, I've had no AF or any sign of (no cramps or anything) image
  • Hiya!

    M is 6 1/2 months, was fully bf until we started weaning a few weeks ago, and I've had 3 periods already. Unlucky me. x
  • My dd is 28 and weeks and now down to 4 bfs a day (trying to get rid of the 10pm one!) - and I've not had AF yet, but I have had AF-like cramps occasionally, and quite a while a go so couldn't have been ovulation pains, I assume it was things still settling down.

    I breastfed ds until he was 8 months and got my first AF about 10 days after I stopped. It is possible for AF to return straight away, or once baby is no longer feeding 3-4 hourly day and night. Don't assume no AFs means you don't need to use contraception though!!
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