A question about weaning

I wonder if any of you wonderful ladies can answer a question... it's not an immeadiate worry, as baby is 22 weeks we're still a few weeks away from weaning BUT...

Long term i want to feed my baby the same meals hubs and i have... so have 2 question...

1) other than salt and obviously avoiding chilli etc are there any adjustments we need to make to our cooking?

2) my hubs and i are losing weight at the moment and are following weight watchers, is a lower fat diet suitable or should we make special meals for her until we are finished? we aren't big sugar users so sweetners aren't a concern (she wouldn't have sugar anyway!) but what are your thoughts... am i worrying tooo much?



  • A baby shouldn't have a low fat diet, but maybe you could just bulk it out a bit with full fat things like cheese, yoghurt etc?
  • thats what i thought, if if everything else she has is full fat i.e. cheese, milk, yogurt etc does it really matter if we don't put olive oil in our cooking
  • I was talking about this with a friend today and she was saying that malnutrition in middle class babies is becoming a bit of an epidemic because we are using 'low fat' stuff or feeding babies too healthily (lots of fruit and veg but little carbs and fat). So as long as what she is getting is balanced, she should be grand but worth keeping an eye on (so no your not really worrying too much, weaning is such a tricky adventure!) xx
  • i think i'll probably make seperate stuff for her then until we've done losing weight... i don't want her to miss out on vital aspects of her diet just to make life easier for me!

    thanks ladies!
  • The only thing I would add (am no expert though and feeling my way as well lol) is that it might be worth introducing basic flavours with lo first before introducing full meals/mixed flavours - just to check she's ok with food in general and her digestion copes - as well as to check she doesn't have any adverse reactions to anything. I spent a few weeks introducing single flavours and then mixing them e.g. carrot one day, broccoli another, then mixing carrot and brocolli etc etc (you get my drift lol).

    Having said that this doesn't necessarily agree with such theories as BLW so you might prefer to jump in with lovely dishes! image
  • oh i know, i am talking further down the line... i am anticipating that we'll still be dieting when we get to that point.

    my plan is to start lo on baby rice and a few basic purees but once she is past stage 1, that's when i was talking about
  • It is a good idea to introduce things slowly - but if you are starting at 6 months, you can't be TOO slow as baby needs to be having full meals (inc meat) and lumpy textures by 7 months. xxx
  • There is absolutely no reason she can't eat the same "low fat" food as you. My daughter had salmon, mashed potato and peas & corn for lunch today - it was low fat but not designed to be, it was just a normal, healthy meal. She will get the majority of her calories from milk until at least a year anyway. As some of the others have said you will probably give individual tastes to start with anyway such as sweet potato, carrot, apple, none of which are high fat. Don't worry.

    H xx
  • I've read that when you're checking your baby is having a balanced diet to look at a whole weeks worth of food not a single meal so as long as LO is getting fat in some meals there's no reason they couldnt have the same meals as you sometimes that way you don't always have to be cooking seperate foods
  • "It is a good idea to introduce things slowly - but if you are starting at 6 months, you can't be TOO slow as baby needs to be having full meals (inc meat) and lumpy textures by 7 months. xxx "

    NickiandNeil that's a good point- I started weaning earlier so by the time we got to 6-7 months we were introducing finger foods/more variety etc and had already completed stage 1 with purees and single tastes etc - I guess thats where BLW stems from due to the advice not to wean till 6 momths maybe and so the process of weaning is speeded up slightly by straight to solids? Dunno, just pondering outloud really! lol. I remember on my last visit to HV that she said it's important baby chews after 6 months as it also helps the process of learning to talk later on.
  • She can eat your meals, lovely. Just ensure she gets full fat dairy products and whatnot. Lunches you can make her her own thing, houmous is a good source of healthier fats, she can dip breadsticks or toast fingers and veggies in it, she can have scrambled eggs with cheese (my DS loves this!), you can stir creme fraiche etc into the dishes she shares from you to make them milder and add good fats; or cook and add tiny pasta stars or shells if the meal is lower in carbs.
  • ooooooh lovely maenad... thats great to know! my plan was that she would have the same evening meal and then different stuff the rest of the day!

    is there anything else other than stock cubes / salt and processed foods that we need to avoid?
  • No honey until 12m due to risk of botulism.
  • As far as I'm aware you should avoid strawberries and citrus fruits until they are 1 due to allergy risks and obviously nuts as well.

    My ds1 was weaned on ww after the initial puree stages. It's easy enough to adapt - I've we're having baked potatoes and beans he's gets cheese with his, when we're having quorn chili he gets cheese and yogurt mixed in, I make his scrambled eggs mixed with cheese and full fat milk whereas I have skimmed. If we're having a stir fry he'll get a full fat yogurt afterwards or you could give custard or rice pudding. You get the idea!
  • I would avoid the things you're not suposed to have when you are pregnant (swordfish, pate, uncooked meat and eggs - etc) and obviously things like peanuts and boiled sweets (well durh!) because of the chocking risk. But the rule is that they can have anything (appart from raw honey) from 6 months. xxx
  • I agree with lots of people here. There's no reason LO can't eat what you're eating. I cook with semi skimmed milk (although I'd prefer skimmed but compromised) and use unsalted butter. She regularly eats:

    Beef Stew

    Tuna and tomato pasta

    Salmon, broccoli and peas

    and so on...

    These are all good healthy meals without being high in fats. However, I also give her full fat yoghurt, cheese, hummous etc separately to ensure she's getting her fat intake.
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