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I've just been reading about your beef curry & it sounds yum, but I don't have a slow cooker... Could I cook it all on a very low heat in a covered pan do you think? (I am thinking about getting a slow cooker but we're hopefully moving in the next couple of weeks & my OH would go mad if I bought something else to move right now... - do you think they are worth it? Do you use it a lot? I'm a bit of a rubbish cook, not very inspired!)

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  • You could definitely slow cook it in a lidded casserole or similar in the oven but I'm not sure on temps etc - have a crack and see!

    I would definitely get yourself a slowcooker as a housewarming gift! I have a cheapo 20 quid one from Asda and I love it, I've used it at least once a week in the couple of years I've had it. I make all sorts in mine - casseroles, curries, spag bol, chillies, rice pudding...

    Best bit is you don't have to be a great cook, just chuck in meat, veg and seasoning and it will be delish - all the flavours stay locked in.
  • Brill, thanks! Saw them on sale for ??12 in Tesco on Monday, may pop this afternoon (what's one more box to move?!)

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