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Hi ya

I am getting my boys Christened in a few weeks, but I don't know what to get the God Parents as a gift.

For those who have had their little ones Christened, What did you get the God Parents?



  • just posted a similar thread today, im also looking for gift ideas and clothes for my DS to wear what have you got your LO to wear?
  • Both of my godmothers have a charm bracelet so we got them a disc charm with Godmother on 1 side and the date of the christening on the other. We got tge godfather a silver frame engraved and got him a picture from the day developed (he's the partner of one if the godmothers so works well)

    I had a nightmare finding an outfit as didn't want anything too traditional. In end I found a cute outfit in m&p's- light grey pants, a White linen shirt and White and grey tank top. Teamed it with White converse too x
  • Not got the outfits yet - the godmothers want to buy them. I've had a look online, but everything seems quite girly! Any ideas would be great!

    NieneAndSquib - the outfit you're describing sounds like the outfits my 2 wore to their cousins Christening just before xmas.

  • Sorry I am g/c from bim. I make christening gowns, check out my fb page, just search she's sew unique. I only have one christening gown on there but I can make them to order.
  • surely being a god parent is gift enough, i have never heard of godparents getting gifts before?
  • We gave one godparent (male) a small silver frame with 2 photo's in of the day, and the other (a couple) we gave a Willow Tree figurine

    Lo wore my sister's christening gown

  • My son is getting christened in Feb and I didn't know we were meant to buy gifts. Now I don't know what to buy them too. We have ordered our sons outfit from cachet. This is the link. Its not too thrilly and girly like others I have seen and at a reasonable price!! I also have ordered shoes and socks from there too. My grandma is knitting him a cardy as all the little jackets aren't that nice but its personal choice image x


    Here is the link image x
  • I'm with piggypops on being a godparent is a gift enough. I have 2 godsons and one goddaughter and I've never expected a gift or received one at the christenings.

    Both godsons are my 2 cousins boys and until I had my son, my cousins both used to buy me a token christmas present from the kids (box of chocs usually) but now they buy for my kids and thats it and I don't mind.

    My littlest godchild is my friends daughter who is 2 1/2 and this year I got a godmother gift for christmas (a book) and a professional photo of my goddaughter. I certainly wasn't expecting anything although I do love the picture and its gone up on my fridge

    Maybe for anyone who wants to buy godparents gifts you could think about getting a photo done
  • I didn't buy gifts for my ds godparents and we are godparents to their child and didn't get a present either.

    I think the focus should be on the children!! My ds godparents bought him a steiff bear and wrote a lovely verse in a keepsake card and I bought my god daughter a handmade wooden personalised keepsake box and wrote in a card for her to keep

    I agree that being asked to be godparent is a good enough present!!

    the only thing the godparent got on both occassions were a card given to them by the church with name of child and date of christenign and their duties as a god parent
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