My LO is being a nightmare at night! HELP!

Hi all, LO is 8 months now & has always been a reasonably good sleeper.

Shes take 18 - 240z of milk a day plus her 3 meals (always feeds really well) so I know she isn't hungry but shes become a real handful when it comes to sleep.

She's never been one for sleeping lots in the day but she she survives on 2 half hour naps then doesn't want to go to bed or when she does she won't stay down.

This has been going on about 3 weeks, but these last 2 nights have been hideous. She was up at 4am yesterday & wouldn't go back down.

Then this morning she woke up at 2.30am & was tossing & turning until I threw the towel in at 6am.

She goes down at about 7.30pm after her bath so theres routine.

She could be teething but theres no other symptoms or sign of teeth.

She is totally crabby a lot of the time which I put down to lack of sleep! I've never in my life seen a baby before with bags but she has them!

HELLPPPP! Whats wrong with her? Any advice greatly appreciated...

GG xx


  • I know this might sound strange but is she over tired before she goes to bed? If my LO is over tired before she goes down then she takes ages to settle and doesn't sleep well. Its the same during the day. If she is over tired she always wakes up after 40mins-an hour, but if she goes down at the right time she will sleep till you wake her up!

    Would moving her bedtime routine forward help and putting her to bed at 7pm?

    My LO is 1 now but when she was around 8 months she learnt to stand up in her cot and would be up and down like a yoyo - she thought this was great fun!! I found after lights out at bedtime if I went in and talked to her etc...then she wouldn't settle, she got got over stimulated. If I just went in lay her down, trucked her in and left she soon got the message that it was sleeptime not playtime! It only took about a couple of nights

    Or have you tried resettling her through the cot and not picking her up?? Does stroking her cheek or hand help calm her to drift back off on her own??

    I hope some of the ladies can suggest other things they have used to help their LO's

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