Heating up food??

Hi Ladies

I'm after a little advice on how you heat food for your baby. I have just started giving my LO meat and just wondered what the best way to heat it up is?

I have made up batches of food (i.e cottage pie, chicken with veg) and have frozen them in individual portions. I used to do this with his veg and would take it out of the freezer in the morning and leave to defrost at room temp, then heat in the microwave at meal times. Is this safe to do with meals that have meat in it?

Should I put the food in the fridge to defrost rather than leaving it out at room temp?

Thanks in advance, NTT xxx


  • I generally defrost it in microwave then heat it on highest setting until it's piping hot and bubbling. Or, if I am organised enough, take meals out of freezer night before and defrost in the fridge. Not sure what the 'right' answer is.
  • I usually defrost in the fridge then heat until piping hot, then let it cool down again to the right tempreture. I hope that's the right thing to do.
  • If you take it out 24 hours before put it in the fridge - if like me you forget you can defrost for a couple of hours at room temp or if you're using the microwave its recommended you overheat it then let it cool. If I'm not using the microwave I pop the tub in our bottle / food warmer to heat it up.
  • Thanks everyone ;o)

    When I heat up meals that have just veg in them, I only heat it so it's warm enough for LO to eat. When heating meals up that have meat in them, il heat it until it's pipping hot and let it cool down as everyone has suggested.

    Thank you NTT xxx
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