Toys for the car...

Ds2 is 18 weeks tomorrow.

We have been slowly planning our first trip to see my family in North Wales (4 hours away).

I want to get him some good toys for the journey.

Ds1 is 22 months, and can't be relied upon to keep ds2 entertained!

I'm looking for a baby mirror for him, that hooks off the headrest or something? Anyone know where I can find one? xx


  • I had one of these for when lo was smal and got it from babies r us.

    Also have done travelling of about 3 hours every now and again, the last time we went in car to see my Grandma lo just over a year and got more bored. But i have a bag which i keep in car noa=w as if my journey longer than 20 mins lo screams! I just put some books in and i have some musical toys, my lo likes things which he can touch buttons and make noises happen. Hope this helps xx
  • We have a Tiny Love car seat mobile,

    DD loves it, you can have it on mute and just spinning or you can have it play lovely tunes for her. She's entranced by it for a good half hour or so usually!
  • Was about to suggest the tiny love mobile too, they're absolutely fab. Sophie loves hers and we often get comments on it from other people who have it saying how much of a life saver it is as babies seem to love it.

    The bits that stick out have black and white patterns on one side and then little creatures on the other that dangle down, so you can put it to whichever side you want. Sophie loves the b&w at the moment but will probably have the dangley down one sooner or later.

    On our long car journeys I usually just give Sophie some handheld toys to play with, like her loopy links which I can attach to her carseat so she can't chuck them off the side. xx
  • I'm seriously considering getting the Tiny Love mobile ans I'm worr about driving with DS alone. I thought that as one side is black and white he might be able to see it? What do you ladies think? Also, how long do the batteries tend to last for?

    Thanks image

  • We went in Sainsburys about an hour ago and I picked up the mirror!!

    Bargain!! Thanks chick! xx
  • Sophie still loves the black and white side and she's 18 weeks MrsRainbow. I use ours a lot and the batteries tend to last a couple of weeks; but we use rechargeables so they run out a bit quicker. x
  • Yeah we are very well - always busy!! haha!

    How is Jacob doing now? I saw he was poorly?

    I bet you are enjoying motherhood?!?!

  • Ahh thats fab!!

    Bless you, it is such a bad time... all you think of is wanting to be normal and being able to pick up your baby and feed him like every other Mummy.

    Theo was in SCBU in Lincoln when he was born!! We had a horrific experience in Lincoln. So glad I can look back on it now and know it is over! image

    But like you, home and happy!!!

    Add me on FB if you like hun! xx
  • Colorful toys will do the trick and musical toys that can be hanged.
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