Copper Coil

I'm just wondering if people can let me know their experiences if they have had a IUD, copper coil inserted?

I had a coil inserted 7 weeks after having Oliver. It took me nearly 3 months to have a period ( I did breast feed for 2 months) and then I have had 3 regualr periods with a cycle between 28-30 days. I should I had a period last Monday (3rd Jan!) so i am well over a week late. Did your cycles go abit random?? I have had cramping about 2 weeks ago and my stomach felt tender (has been normal sicne having the coil fitted) but now nothing, apart from sore boobs. Should I be concerned?

Glimmer x


  • hi glimmer

    i have the copper coil, indeed on my second

    i have to say as there are no hormones involved it shouldnt affect your cycle at all apart from make your period heavier in some cases

    i am not bang on set length cycles and occasionally have a long one but i did before coils too

    it could just be one of those things but if it is worrying you grab a test and poas then you will know for sure

    soon x
  • I have had one in for nearly two years, not the hormone one and recently my periods have been longer and thought I could of been pregnant a couple of times due to sore books etc but AF arrived eventually. I think when you stress about it it can delay your periods too
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