Help! My poorly baby is refusing fluids/milk

Hi ladies,

I am really worried about my LO he is 6 months old and has a chest infection. I noticed on thusday that he gone off his milk, this followed by cold symptoms and this got worse yesterday. Took him to my GP and he said he had a chest infection and gave him some antiboitics.

I am just really worried that he is going to be dehydrated if he is point blank refusing any sort of fluids/milk. He has always refused water and juice but never the milk. He just aches his back and crys when i try to give him some milk. Since thursday he has had less than 10oz of milk each day and today he has had none!!!

On top of this he is started to get constipated. I have tried giving him some water in a syrigne, he spits it out stright away. He refuses to eat any sweet foods such as fruit. I am at a loss what to do. My gp practice is closed today, so i can't call them. Any ideas how to get him to drink more?


Gemma and poorly Dylan James xx


  • No ideas I'm afraid as my daughter is only 9 weeks but is there an out of hours if emergence number on your gp's answer phone? Failing that you could try nhs direct. Sorry I can't be more help. Hope Ye starts to take something soon x
  • is he getting wet nappies? I would take him to see someone hun because dehydration can be very dangerous esp for LOs. Not trying to scare you but better safe than sorry. What about letting him suck on an ice cube (obv you holding it) Keep us updated on how he is hun. xx
  • could you try giving your lo some milk when he is asleep ? My wee man will drink and drink if i offer milk when he is asleep - hope he is better soon hun xx
  • Thanks ladies,

    I took him to the out of hours gp last night. She said if i didn't get any fluids in him by the time we went to bed then we must call them back and he might have to go into hopsital. She told us not give him any soilds and try again with the milk. Managed to get 5oz down him last night. He refused his bottle 1st thing but has just had 4oz now so fingers crossed he is getting better.

    The only thing now he is really constipated!

    Gemma xx
  • We were worried about dehydration when dd was sick a couple of weeks back, we took her to a&e as no gp appointments available and doctor said that if there were no wet nappies in a 12 hour period then we were to bring her back.
  • Hi hun

    Sorry to hear your lo is poorly image

    We had to take my son Alex to a&e a few months ago due to gastroenteritis. He couldn't keep anything down at all and he'd stopped having wet nappies. Anyway, hospital or us to give him 5mls of water (yes I know, tiny amount!!) every 5 mins from a syringe for an hour. It was tedious but was the only way of getting fluids in him without him going on a drip. After a few hours of this, we then gave him 10mls of water every 5 mins for an hour..again in a syringe.

    I know it's a bit of a pain and it was a last resort for us without him being put on a drip...but might be worth a go if you're really struggling??

    Hope that helps anyway xxxx
  • Archie was in hospital over xmas with flu, then got dehydrated, they had me feeding him dioralyte through a syringe, flavoured with blackcurrant squash. It done the trick, 10mls every 10mins, Archie is also 6 months. Hope he is better very soon xx
  • I am really worried about the wet nappy thing, i changed him at 3 o'clock as he did a massive stink bomb lol, so not sure how wet he was and have changed him a 7 o'clock when it was bath time and the nappy was hardly wet. I will check again when we feed him at 10pm.

    Thats a good idea SS, thanks for the tip. Hubby has just told me he has had 7oz for his bedtime bottle so hopefully i won't have to do that.

    Thanks again xxx
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