What do your 8 month olds eat?

We've just booked a holiday for April when LO will be 8 months old. I can't for the life of me remember what ds1 was eating by 8 months.

I prefer not to give jars (not getting into that debate, so don't start anyone!) but obviously will if that's the only option. We're going to Spain and will have access to a kitchen but not sure how good the facilities will be, also I don't want to spend half my holiday cooking!

So what sort of things is my LO likely to be eating at that stage? Presumably he'll be past the puree stage but not quite eating the same food as the rest of the family? I remember ds1 took to food immediately and after his first tentative bites there was no stopping him but no guarantee ds2 will be the same I suppose!

Any tips/suggestions/advice from those of you who have done the weaning thing more recently than I have!

Oh and I'm planning on starting weaning at some point between 5 and 6 months depending on how he's getting on, if that helps.


  • My 8 month old little lady is eating all kinds of veg, chicken, beef and lamb. She also eats dairy (yogurts), some finger foods and porridge.

    She's not fully past the puree stage though as she's really really against lumps (gags like mad and refuses to eat!) so it depends on the baby I guess. You may be lucky to be past that stage by then, or maybe not. She has her food passed through the blender but little by little I'm trying to leave a few soft lumps in to get her used to them.

    Are you going to be in a hotel or apartments? You could also ask if they have a blender available if needs be. The Spanish for blender is "batidora" if they don't understand you as it's probably not a word most people would know in a foreign language!(I live in Spain image Another thing, Tesco had a good hand blender last month for just 4pounds, might be worth it to take in your suitcase? I bought one when I went to the UK at Christmas and it did fine with all kinds of foods. You'd need an adaptor for it though here.

    Have a great time!

  • DD is 8 months and I've started mashing her food rather than blending for the most part. I've mostly made things out of the AK book for her, but that's just me being lazy about thinking of things we can all eat!

    She eats quite a few finger foods, toast, fruit, rice cakes etc. Just about to try some sandwiches with her.
  • Hi I took LO to Spain when she was 5 months & to be honest I did the jar thing, it was only a week & so convenient.

    She is now 8 months & still gags on things like toast.

    I blend all her food but find I can take bits of our tea ie. chicken, potatoes & veg & mash them with the back of a fork & she can cope with that.

    Also jacket potatoes with cheese are good too in this respect & always seem to be on the menu.

    Lily was weaned at 4 months & has always eaten whatever i've given her but she has no teeth yet & it scares the bejesus out of me when she chokes on stuff!

  • Our 8 month old is on family foods (if suitable) and a selection of fruit and veg if not. Mostly mashed / chopped very finely and occasionally roughly blended. She's not taken to jars at all - we bought some "just in case" for when we visited relatives. But she wouldn't eat them and was happier with a bit of what we were having.
  • Thanks girls. Will have a look for that hand blender, that's a great suggestion.

    So now I'm thinking things like mashed bananas, mashed avocado could be easy enough to prepare. Rice cakes for the journey if he's ok with finger foods by that stage. Maybe pack some weetabix in the suitcase for breakfasts. He won't starve bless him.
  • quick question slightly related to this topic...a lot of the pureed food/biscuits i buy my daughter say gluten free and all this kinda stuff...but is it still okay to blend up a bit of our leftover roast dinner for her to eat?
  • It's fine to blend up some of your roast once the baby is 6 months - as long as you've not added salt during cooking, and if you add gravy do so sparingly as that can be very salty too. But meat and veg is fine - and much easier than preparing food especially for the baby all the time. If it seems like it needs a bit of moisture I sometimes add a tiny bit of milk before serving.

    Gluten is fine after 6 months too, but a lot of babies are weaned from 4ish months so that's why the foods are labelled like that.
  • The Organix fruit pots are really handy - if not to give as a pot for breakfast (bit too sweet imo) they're good for using part of a pot to mix in with porridge/weetabix to add some natural sweetness. Lo loves rice cakes, cream cheese, breadsticks, fingers of cheese as finger foods - but also then loves mashed foods - especially mixed vegetables, beef stew, spag bol and the like - baby pasta is good for adding a bit more interest to some veg. If she's a bit over-tired and distracted I find a more pureed tea is easier else she gets narky with me lol. I also want to try cous cous, I saw someone mention it and thought might be nice if mixed with some veg, which could be an easy one while on holiday.

    DueinJuly I would but just watch for hidden salt content in things like gravy - might be worth setting her a separate plate and then using things like baby vegetable stock or the Heinz stir-in sauces to add some moisture - we gave lo chopped up chicken, carrot, green beans, parsnips, brussels on Sunday and she loved it (loves her veg though any day thankfully!) image
  • thank you so much <3 and sorry to go slightly off topic!
  • Well, today he's had a good crack at a candle, the cat, some stuff he found under the sofa that I don't want to think about too carefully, and my ankle.
  • Hmmm, could pack some candles in the suitcase but they might be a bit heavy for Ryanair? The ankles would be easier but he's a veggie baby!
  • Take a little masher with you and mash it all. Spain will be abundant with fresh veggies and fruit, so you can mash it up (or give it as finger food). Maybe add some potatoes or pasta and cheese. Hey presto.
  • we went to Greece last summer when my ds was 8months old, we had done blw and by that point he was having cereal with cows milk for breakfast, and some toast and fruit, finger foods for lunch (i took some organix crisps and biscuits etc) he ate his weight in water melon and it kept him occupied in the high chair for ages! for dinner he ate pastina which i cooked using baby stock cubes and he also ate a few bits off our plates as we would have bbq's most nights so there was plenty for him to nibble on! we bought yoghurts out there, my ds refused jars but if i was struggling to think of something then i would give him weetabix to go along side his finger foods!

    have a great holiday!
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