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trapped wind

my little one is only 11 days old and almost since day 1 has suffered from bad trapped wind, and i just dont know what to do any more. he is breastfed (although has expressed milk in bottles at night), has infacol before every feed for the last 5days, but still looks in agony after every feed. i burp him after feeding, but i can still hear the gas in his bowels, and he is always farting! i feel so bad cos he looks in so much pain. ive been told i cant try gripe water until he is 4 weeks. is there anything else i could try? would a visit to the gp help (could they give us anything different to help?)

any advice would be appreciated.


  • Does he take the whole bottle in one go? My friend used to have to wind her little boy after every oz to try and stop him getting trapped wind. Cycling their legs can help with trapped wind too or pushing their legs up so they bend and the knees go up to their tummy, just don't force his legs if they are out stiff.
  • he is mostly breastfed so starts and stops when it suits him. he has 2 bottles overnight, but has a few gulps then has a rest (like when he is breastfeeding). i have tried moving his legs but he is usually very stiff when he is in pain, but i will keep trying when i can.
  • hiya, we had terrible trouble with our daughter, have you tried colief? It's more expensive than infacol but does seem to help.

  • DS is always trumping and I have noticed on the last few nights that he seems to be getting some trapped wind so I rub his tummy which seems to help him quite a lot. My HV has also suggested moving his legs up and down but to be careful doing the bicylce thing as it could hurt his hips.

  • Sorry hun just reread your original post after seeing your reply don't know why I didn't notice the BFing bit!

    I found this it reminded me that my brother used to have my neice on his knees and rub her back to relieve her wind and it was very effective.

    (Also Colief isn't actually for wind it's to break down the lactose in milk, when babies have colic and infacol doesn't work its often the next thing to try but they do different things)

    Hope you find a way to make him more comfortable xx
  • If you want to try colief your GP may prescribe it for you - ours did.

    Though we spent ages at the hospital the other night because LO had blood in his poo - it turned out he was straining too much and has a fissure. The pedi told me Colief won't do anything - Infacol may help a bit, and that I should drink loads and loads of orange juice with pulp in. I've only been drinking it for two days though, so I can't say whether it works or not!
  • Hi there, congratulations on your new arrival!

    I had the same problem when my LO was little and i didn't find infacol any help at all. Somebody suggested Dentinox colic drops so i tried them and it was fab! You can give it from birth, during or after a feed which includes putting it in a bottle which is what i did. My DS went from hardly bringing up any wind at all to doing very big manly burps!! It's not the nicest tasting stuff which is why i put it into his bottles but as you're mainly BF you could pop it in his mouth and see how it goes?

    Also somebody suggested a winding technique which i found helpful-lay the baby on your knees on their left side (head at your kness and feet to your tummy). Rub/pat their back in this position for a couple of mins then put them over your shoulder and rub their left side in an upward direction (this is where their stomach is situated) and you should bring up some wind. And also as the others have said leg cycling is good! Oh and you could also try sitting him up on your knees and rocking him backwards and forwards then from side to side-you may dislodge a bit more! As you can tell i've tried it all!!

    They do get better at bringing up wind as they get older if that's any consolation.


  • Hi there, does your LO have any rashes? The reason I ask is my DD suffered very badly with colic and she has since been diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Our consultant said that this is often wrongly diagnosed as colic. Might just be something to bare in mind.... If you're breastfeeding then maybe cut out dairy and see if that helps, thats a sure way of telling. My DD is now on lactose free formula and she has very little wind at all xxxx
  • hey, my DD suffered terribly with trapped wind from 2 weeks. We tried everything! we switched her milk to Comfort milk in the end and used the colic inserts in Tommee Tippee bottles and this made a massive difference.

    I know your breastfeeding but maybe try the bottles when your giving an expressed feed? also check your diet if breastfeeding. I was told off the midwife that eating onions could be a cause for LO to suffer from trapped wind!
  • We had terrible trouble with this from day one and tried absolutely everything - we even went to an osteopath when the GP and HV weren't much help. LO seemed to be in so much pain and I could hear her tummy gurgling all the time. At night sometimes she would really scream and then let out lots of wind. She's now 14 weeks and although she still gets bad wind, there has gradually been a big improvement. I think her digestive system has just developed and become more effective. Forgot to say she is exclusively BF.

    I hope things get better for your LO soon, I know how horrible it is to feel completely helpless when your baby seems so uncomfortable.

    I am a mother of a 2 month old baby girl.
    I have been really upset by her constant crying/lack of sleep
    for us both.
    She kept making pushing noises like she was in pain and tensing her body up and
    it really made me feel so helpless!!
    I had tried all the different ways of holding her & bought Infacol and found none of them to be very helpful.
    I spent a while googling it one night and someone mentioned that proping the baby up on a
    few pillows so they were in a sideways sitting position helped them,
    I tried it with not much hope but OH MY GOD!! I am so glad I did as she has
    not been in pain since! It's a bit of a pain at night as I can't lie down and feed her I have to be as upright as
    possible but it's well worth it as she is such a happy baby now!! now I can enjoy her!

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