Gagging on mashed potato??

Does anyone else's LO gag and/or throw up when being fed mashed potato? My LO is 7 months and has been eating "solids" (well mashed food) for almost 2 months. He is fine with all foods I give him except mashed potato - even if I mix other food into it. He gags and retches and is sometimes sick, but only when there is mashed potato in it.

Any ideas? Is it possible he could be alergic to it, or could it just be the texture? If so, is there anything I can do to change it?

Thanks NTT xxx


  • hi,

    i think its just the texture of mash - my lo is almost 7 months and been taking mashed and fingers food well (also for about 2 months) she is now mainly blw as she keeps refusing the spoon and despite eating strawberries and other 'hard' things when i have her some boiled potato earlier which she mashed in her fingers she sort of gagged and found it hard to swallow and i think its cause mash sort of 'sticks' to the rough of your mouth - i mix with lots of butter and cheese when she did take it from the spoon and she was ok with that but not as 'quick' as she was at eating other things so i wouldnt think your lo was allergic to it - the more i offer the better she is getting with it as she gets used to it.

    She is fine with anything else mashed and fine with 'harder' potato e,g wedges.

  • It's just the texture I think. Mashed spuds are quite cloying and thick. Once he learns to handle food in his mouth better he'll probably love it, my DS is nearly 9m and is hooked on mash. We call him Badger - anyone else remember Bodger and Badger? No? Just me? Eeeeeeverybody knows, Badger loves MASHED POTATOES....
  • Bodger and badger, bodger and badger la la la la la...

    use to love that image
  • He makes it into shapes and eats it every day! (or something like that)

    Looked at this earlier and didn't reply as had nothing to add, but since I've had the Bodger and Badger theme tune stuck in my head!
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