9 weeks - how long should be napping?

Baba is 9 weeks old. tends to sleep through 10.30ish to 7.30ish at night then has a nap between 10.30am and 12 and then again from 4ish to 6 and then maybe another hour in the evening - is this too much?? :?


  • To be honest each baby is different and as long as your baby isn't grumpy all day from being too tired then anything is fine. And he sleeps a good stretch at night so that's good. I think a baby his age should be having roughly 15+hrs sleep in 24hrs (just from recollection so don't quote me on that!) so your LO is certainly not having too much sleep. I know my LO didn't manage to stay awake any longer than an hour and a half before needing a nap at that age as he got so overtired and then wouldn't go to sleep but as i said, each baby is different.


  • At that age I think they need about 15-16 hours a day so I think they could potentially be sleeping a bit more, but if they're not tired it doesn't matter. It's definitely not too much though.

    My little girl is almost 18 weeks and sleeps 7-7 at night then has 4 45 minute naps during the day so she has 15 hours sleep in total. x
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