colic in a breastfed baby.

Hello girls.

Milly has colic (or maybe reflux, or an allergy, or some wierd tropical baby desease - we are going back to the docs later) we have switched her formula to Aptamil comfort which helps a lot, but we still have loads of problems after a breast feed. I think it's because my let-down is mega fast (she gets a full feed in 5 min) and she gulps the milk. We spend ages winding her, but then 9 times out of 10 she'll be sick everywhere.

I seem to spend my life coverd in vommit, and I'm constantly changing her clothes.

:? :? :?


  • Colic usually refers to long periods of crying (3 hours at a time, at least 3 times a week), so it sounds like reflux rather than colic. Although reflux can cause colic if that makes sense.

    You could try a couple of things;

    - express for a couple of minutes before hand to prevent the fast let down

    - give infant gaviscon before the feed (but not recommended for under 1s so check with HV first)

    Also do you sit her up immediately after a feed? Abby needed to be kept reclined for 5 minutes after a feed to let it settle. Then I could sit her up for winding. If I just sat her up the bubbles all rose to the surface in one go and the whole lot came up.

    H x
  • Biba had terrible colic and went through a sicky phase with it. It thankfully went as quickly as it started and lasted for about a week. I also have a fast let down, but now she is a little older (10 weeks) she is a bit more aware and if she takes too much milk she lets it dribble out - cue lots of soaking nursing bras!

    I did speak to my hv about it and she said that it wasnt a sign that anything was wrong it was just very hard on the washing machine - and boy was she right, i ended up stripping down for most feeds and then having to have a wash after image

    Hopefully this will pass for you soon xx
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