Present for Daddy

HIya, I was hoping you could give me some ideas of a pressie I can get my hubby when the baby arrives. Did you get your other half anything?


  • I got a bib that says i love my daddy. For christmas I bought him a book called My Dad is brilliant by Mike Inkpen - like a picture book to read to LO.

  • Similar to snugglenush just bought cute babygro with I love my Daddy on, and bought same book. You can get photos of baby put into special keyrings or even mugs (did this for 1st xmas)

    The best present is the baby lol!! xx
  • I didn't get Daddy anything when my 2 were born... I was the one who'd carried them and been in labour! :lol:

    But, once home, I bought him the usual, vests, sleepsuits and bibs.

    At Christmas I bought a photoframe and put a picture of the boys in it. Got it off Ebay and it says "daddy and me" xx
  • For my hubby's birthdat i'm getting him the haynes baby manual. Like a car manual telling you what to do with babies!x
  • I didn't get hubby a present when either of ours were born - he didn't get me anything either and I was the one who'd carried and given birth to them!

    I did get him the Haynes Baby manual for father's day when I was heavily pregnant, and also bought 'I Love my Daddy' type books for Christmas from dd. Ds also had some 'I Love my Daddy' clothes but they weren't presents as such.
  • My girls both had I love daddy bibs and t.shirts Etc. I didnt buy him a gift I had just given birth to his child I think that was gift enough!! He didn't get me anything either, this time if I don't get an eternity ring I will be filing for divorce!! image

  • He got me a pram charm for my pandora bracelet image Well he put it from Logan hehe.

  • Ah fab thanks girls, im hoping for diamond ear rings haha xxx
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