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beaker/sippy cup of some sort for a 5month old please?? I'm clueless as to what I should start him with. We're doing BLW... not sure if that makes the slightest difference but I'd like him to be able to hold it himsef and drink with ease?



  • There are lots to choose from lol. I've been through quite a few finding one that suits lo. I have a tommee tippee simple beaker, the simple one with 2 handles and simple lid and lo struggled with this to start. He uses it great now.

    ALso have a nuby one with the squishy looking spouts think they said from 6 or even 9 months but i used it earlier and lo got on with very well as the spout is soft and similar to bottle!
  • I got given the TT beaker with 2 handles by my HV.

    I also have one that I got in a TT CTN set before he was born that comes before that I think - it has no handles and just fits on to a normal bottle, so I think you give them water from it to get used to the teat.
  • I have the Tommee Tippee Simple cup too.

    ds1 is 22 months, and we have had every single cup out there, but the old classic is his favourite xx
  • Yep, the tommee tippee free flow beaker (I prefer the one with the fold-down spout rather than the solid one though, easier to carry in your bag!) - it's easy to use and the only beaker they ever need really.
  • We have used the TT free flow since 6 months and it is def the best x
  • We've also been using the TT free flow for her water since weaning and it took her quite a while to drink from it herself - but I think that's mostly down to her being so little and the cup being as big and heavy as her head! :lol:

    Now that I'm planning to move her milk from bottles to cups, I wanted something non-spill because I don't mind her chucking the water around in the free flow but don't want milk all over the place. So I'm now on cup 3! Tried Nuby one first and even I struggled to suck hard enough to get a decent amount out so not impressed with that. Cup 2 was a cow cup by I can't remember who right now. That was better but it's quite a big cup and to fill it up (so she doesn't have to tip it up so much) made it pretty heavy and again she struggled. Cup 3 is a TT tip it up I think it's called? Soft spout non-spill but comes out really well by kind of squeezing the spout with lips - LO got it straight away so it's not like you have to 'teach' them how to do it! So we're going with that for milk but the free flow TT still for water.

    I do think it's a bit of trial and error as each baby is different.

    Oh the other thing we have is the doidy cup which is open, no lid. I like using this one with her water sometimes (obviously me holding it) as it's taught her really well how to drink out of a proper cup. So when I've been out and been a bad mummy forgetting her cup, she can easily drink out of my glass of water which I'm really pleased about.

    Sorry quite a long answer there, good luck!

  • I have a baby who completely refused bottles so we introduced a cup at about 4 1/2 months and have tried pretty much every sort going.

    The best lidded on we found was the TT basic one with the flip down spout. She can drink out of that on her own now. However she much prefers an open cup and will drink out of a doidy cup, but her absolute favourite is a pint glass (obviously with just water in it!!!)
  • Wooo I'm pleased you all think highly of the TT one, as I remembered we'd been given one when Finley was younger and stored it away! score!
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