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My LO is 14 weeks and from day one breastfeeding has gone well. She is EBF and the only problem we've had was mastitis in the early days but other than that feeding has been fine. The last couple of weeks though I've noticed that I never feel as full as I used to and if LO goes a bit longer between a feed I'm still not really full like I used to be - the minute I took my bra of for the first couple of months I'd leak milk everywhere!! My boobs feel quite soft most of the time where they used to be really hard before a feed. I know that the milk supply does regulate depending on demand but I've started to worry that I'm not making enough. LO has started doing much shorter feeds and I worry that it's because there's not as much milk as there used to be.

Does anyone have any advice on how I could increase my milk supply - or is this normal? Any help would be great.



  • Your body will adjust to the amount of milk your LO needs, so it's not producing excessive amounts like it would have done before. She will have also got much more effective at feeding so it takes her less time to get the same amount, or more, out - lucky you!!

    If she's gaining weight well and seeming content after a feed I'd really not worry about it - it sounds like things are going perfectly. xx
  • I have recently had this too, my nursing bras are actually quite roomy. The good ladies over in breastfeeding chat reassured me that all is well and as long as lo isnt crying for food then supply is fine
  • Thanks for the reply!

    I forgot to say that although she is gaining weight she has dropped nearly two centiles. She was a big baby at birth, just under 9lbs and a fraction below the 95th centile. Now she is 13lbs 10oz and nearly on the 50th centile.

    Another thing I forgot to say is that I get the tingly let down feeling much later now, LO has to suck for a few minutes until it happens and sometimes she gets frustrated waiting for the milk. Before I just had to think about her and I'd get that feeling, or it'd happen if she cried. Is that normal and just because everything has settled down now she's a few months old?

  • Great advice from the other ladies so far, but just in response to your last post, are you eating and drinking plenty? I've been poorly with tonsilitis and vomitting bugs a few times whilst bf'ing and whilst I've been poorly I've barely been eating and that REALLY effected my supply. LO would suck furiously for a good few mins before I'd feel any let down. He would get frustrated waiting for the milk. As soon as I've felt well enough to eat properly, my supply has shot back up again. Just a thought XX
  • Your milk supply will probably have just settled down and can now easily meet your LO's demand. It does take a few weeks and sounds perfectly fine to me xx
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