So confused!

Hi ladies

Some of you may recall me posting a week or so back about how much my Lo has been drinking (was on about 56oz a day!. He has also started waking twice in the night again.

I kinda decided maybe it was the start of his 4 month growth spurt.

Then all of a sudden today he has stopped drinking as much. He has had about half what he would normally have and sometimes getting him to have anything is a bit of a struggle (he cried for food though - wasn't forcing him to drink!!).

He doesn't seem to be getting hungry sooner though and he is sleeping lots.

Although the sleeping could be down to the fact that he woke up every half an hour last night!

He is teething - could that cause this? He has been very grizzly today aswell.

He doesn't appear ill though - no temperature, nappies normal etc.

Anybody had this? Is this a teething thing? Or is it growth spurt related?

Sorry - I have posted so much lately I am beginning to feel like an overly paranoid mother . . .perhaps thats what I am!


  • it could be teething, the teat of the bottle might be sore on his gums, as long as he is getting over 17ozs a day (what my HV told me was the cut off for normal feeding) then i wouldnt worry, rub some gel on his gums about 30 minutes before a feed and see if that helps. xxx
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